More miles (the things I love about bigger mileage weeks)

I was running home from TrackTuesday just now and pondering things, as you do. I was thinking about how my left foot ached and how weirdly I quite liked the sensation because it signalled that my mileage was increasing. It reminded me of something I noticed when I had the 3 weeks off after Florence Marathon before Christmas. For the first few days I would get up to go to the loo in the night and feel like something was weird. Then I realised it was because my feet didn't ache slightly. Normally, for some reason I notice it in the middle of the night and because I wasn't running I didn't have that sensation...and I kind of missed it. Anyway, as I was pottering home tonight it got me thinking about all the things I love about racking up the miles. It's easy at this point in the run up to spring marathons for people to start dreading their long runs, so here are some of the things I love about higher mileage weeks. NOTE: I realise that these might not be  a) advisable or b) entirely normal


1. At the start of a training block I usually feel like I can't run more than 30mins without getting tired and now I'm hunting out ways to sneak in extra miles.

2. I got from dreading the alarm clock to gradually wondering if I can just put it a bit earlier to get just a bit more in

3. The feeling of rolling a golf ball under my feet becomes the best thing ever

4. I've got the perfect excuse to totally avoid public transport

5. Somehow I don't care if its raining or cold I don't care any more

6. Mr B give the best foot rubs

7. Round numbers on the Garmin are deeply satisfying

8. Each week I feel like I couldn't possibly do more and then somehow it just happens

9. I can finally get through all the podcasts I've subscribed to

10. The feeling of sitting down at the end of a really meaty long run is bliss

11. The feeling of starting of sleep and grumpy and finishing energised and wishing I could do more

12. The overwhelming urge to sleep (in a good way - I don't normally get that feeling because I have a desk job)

13. Sunrise, dusk, cold, rain, snow, hail... all of the elements

14. Hours without looking at a screen

15. Being completely aware of which muscles I've used...because they tell me!

and more. 


Training: 28th November 2016 - 1st Jan 2017

Training: 28th November 2016 - 1st Jan 2017

2 weeks rest, another week very low level and then finally back into training. It was great to have a break and enjoy Christmas but it was nice to know I was still itching to get out there again. Here's what the tail end of 2016 looked like.

Advent Running

I wanted to write a proper post to tell you about Advent Running but it's the 1st of December tomorrow so in the meantime...get involved!! I'll be trying to feature some fun photos from each day of Advent Running's online presence as December continues

"AdventRunning is a free and simple run challenge that aims to keep people running throughout the month of December. The aim is to run (or swim, cycle, do yoga – it doesn't matter as long as you are getting active) for a minimum of 30 minutes a day, each day, between the 1st and the 25th of December. After that you can carry on for the rest of the month, or take a break with the knowledge that you’ll be able to start the New Year in fighting form and ready to smash out some new PBs.
To keep you motivated throughout the challenge join the busy hive of global AdventRunners who will be sharing their day’s run on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Follow the action on our social media channels. We'll also be hosting daily London based runs and you can also check our our AR global hubs, their might already be a running community set up near you."


Orion Forest Five #2: ELVIS series race, 6th Aug 2016

The last of the 3-part series of Orion Harriers Forest Five races took place on 6th August. This race was part of ELVIS league. ELVIS is the East London FiVe Interclub Series and currently consists of 7 local races each of either 5k or 5 miles. So, if last time was club-vest heavy, this one was a whole other level. All the clubs had big flags up and there were double the number of entrants (just under 300). 

It was the end of a double race week for me in which I'd PB'd by a minute in the 10k and done 30miles across the NDW the weekend before. BUT my sister and her kids were visiting so Aunty Gill was fired up and determined to do them proud

This time it was pretty hot there were no boggy patches and I'm sure there was more uphill than last time. 

I decided I wanted to try and get in the lead as soon as possible as I didn't know how the week would have affected me. I thought I was up front but eventually caught the lead lady at about 1.5miles. Sadly the lady who I ran with last time was unable to run but she did very kindly cheer me on from her marshalling position - how cool! 

I didn't race nearly as smart this time and I let a few guys pass me over the final mile when really I should have kicked but I couldn't quite get it going. Something to learn from there about just hanging on the the back of people.

I had hoped to triumphantly cross the finish line high fiving my niece and nephew but they were having none of it. I was far too sweaty and gross!  Still, I came home 1st female (33 OA out of 282) in a faster time than the previous race so I was pleased. More importantly though I felt like I'd given it a fairly decent showing and proved I can keep going even after a heavy patch.

You can see the full results from the series here. Next year I hope to do all three.