Training Log: 14th - 27th Jan 2019 - (Wk38 &39 #WeGoAgain)

Monday 14th - 45 minutes Easy Run
8.03mi, 59:00, 7:21/m

Tuesday 15th - AM: Gym Session // PM: Club Session
Pre-Work: Glutes to the max 2x 7.5kg (1 for the lunge matrix)
Jog to track (30:30, 3.52 mi, 8'40/mi).
Fuse blown at trck so they had to change to 10xhills (17:14 2.39 mi )
Then jogged home v easy 6.02mi, 53:29, 8:53/mi

Wednesday 16th Rest Day!
Easy runcommute
8.15mi, 1:06:31, 8:10/mi

Thursday 17th - 45 minutes Easy Run // Gym Session

Had to to on treadmill in evening. Did S&C straight after. Long day with the small boy
5,8 miles on the treadmill. NTC S&C

Friday 18th - 10 minutes Warm Up, 4 x 8 minutes with a 90 second recovery, 10 minutes Cool Down - Rep 1 - 6, mins at 10k effort, 2 mins at Threshold. Rep 2 and 3, - 8 mins at Threshold. Rep 4 - 2 mins at Threshold effort, 6 mins at 10k effort.

Done on the treadmill for logistics reasons . Rinsed myself!
Did the 6min@6'10, 2min@6'30,
90s recovery plus a dash to settle miniB
2x8min @6'30 2min@6'30, 6min @6'10, CD with last 2 mins max incline

Saturday 19th - 90 minutes Easy Long Run
With light rucksack and a little snow
11.06mi, 1:30:32, 8:11/mi

Sunday 20th - 30 minutes Conditioning Work at home
Swiss ball and Glute to the Max Nike app session. Felt tough.

Total miles:39.6

Monday 21st- 45 minutes Easy Run
Runcommute. Rough night with Mini B teething and Mr B having insomnia but enjoyed a chilly run
8.09mi, 1:01:23, 7:35/mi

Screenshot 2019-03-03 at 20.41.05.png

Tuesday 22nd - AM: Gym Session // PM: Club Session
Used Nike Training app and did the ‘Runner Stability and plank finisher’ Couldn't do sit ups. Argh! I have no core. just tried to pulse?!
//Jog to track in snow - fun! //
Track was a stinker. It was slushy/snowy but no One else dropped their times that much. 8x800 3:00, 3:05, 3:06, 3:06, 3:06, 3:05, 3:05, 3:05 wheres I’d been around the 2:55-8 mark before. Hrmph.
9.9miles overall for the day


Weds 23rd - 60 minutes Easy Run
Runcommute. Tired.

8.12mi, 1:04:47, 7:59/mi, 156bpm

Thurs 24th - Rest day
Yep. was ready for this.

Fri 25th - 30 minutes Easy Run + Strides
Had to take the laptop in my rucksack so did half a runcommute but no strides. Still feeling tired but was tempted to do the whole way to work. I was good! Don’t want any excuses on Saturday.

4.16mi, 34:21, 8:15/mi 148bpm

Saturday 26th - Southerns XC at Parliament Hill

Jog to tube etc to get there, run the race 4.6miles, jog 2.6 miles up to friend’s kid’s birthday party after. 9.9miles in total. That course is TOUGH and it’s way shorter than the guys course.

Screenshot 2019-03-04 at 20.01.17.png

119th /703 33:30 for 4.69 miles. That was quicker than start of 2017 but I was winding down then to try and have miniB. Tried to repeat 'don't be rubbish' going up the hills on second lap and power through on flats and downhill. Bit disappointed in not breaking top 100. Splits 7'37,6'53, 7'49, 7'11 and 5'54 for the last 0.6miles

Sunday 27th - 30 minutes Conditioning Work at home
Used Nike Training app and did 20 min glutes & hips +10 min core

Total Miles: 49.8

Tuesday 22nd - AM: Gym Session // PM: Club Session

Weds 23rd- 60 minutes Easy Run

Thurs 24th - Rest Day

Friday 25th - 30 minutes Easy Run + Strides

Saturday 26th - Southerns XC

Sunday 27th - 30 minutes Conditioning Work at home