Training Log: 1st - 7th April - (Wk 50 #WeGoAgain)

Monday 1st -Easy Run into Work
Trying to remind the legs what to do. Thought I felt the plantar at the start but then forgot about it so think it's in my head.
1:05:15, 8.14mi, 8'01/mi, 153bpm

Tuesday 2nd - Swim + 20 minutes Conditioning
35mins swim + 20 mins of NTC Lunges and Length

Wednesday 3rd - 10 minutes Warm Up, 4-6-8-6-4 minutes at Threshold with a 2 minute recovery, 10 minutes Cool Down
Done with a light rucksack. Trying to think about form.
4 = 6'35 147bpm
6= 6'34 159bpm
8= 6'20 167bpm
6=6'07 167bpm
4=6'26 170bpm
total of 8.63 miles, 7'19/mi 1:03:15

Thursday 4th - 30 minutes Conditioning Work (no weights)


Friday 5th - 10 minutes Easy, 10 minutes Steady, 10 minutes Easy
Buggy run as Steve ill. A stressful morning as I was trying to pack us up to go away fro the weekend whilst having a baby strapped to my front because he wouldn’t stop finding stuff that was dangerous! Eventually made it to Centre Parcs in one piece. Phew.

Saturday 6th - 90 minutes Long Run; Pick up last 20 minutes to a Steady Effort Level

In center parcs.. Which sends GPS crazy! Felt VERY sluggish to start with
12.07 miles

Screenshot 2019-04-21 at 21.59.05.png

Sunday 7th - Rest day

Total Miles: 33