Training: 19th - 25th September

Hoping that it's all going to be ok. Autumn marathon number one. Berlin, what have you got for me?

Monday 19th - Easy runcommute
Still nervous about the leg and second guessing everything. Feel lethargic and like I'm getting hot really easily. However, no twinges on the way in so that's good. 10Miles might seem like a foolish thing to do but I need the confidence.

Miles:1 0.3
Pace: 8'21/mi 144bpm

Tuesday 20th - Should have been 10 minutes Warm Up, 4 x 8 minutes with a 90 second recovery, 10 minutes Cool Down - Alternate between Threshold and marathon Pace (1,3 at Threshold, 2,4 at Marathon Pace)  // Changed to : Run to work with 2 x MP and 1x Threshold miles. 60s recovery.

Good to at least test the legs at speed. Still keep worrying about the niggle last week. It definitely wasn't in my head! Still, seems to be ok so I need to get a grip.

Miles: 7.4
Pace:  1=6'42/mi, 2=6'21/mi, 3=7'22/mi (odd - pretty sure that wasn't the case), 4 (extra) = 6'45/mi  

Wednesday 21st - Rest , stretch, foam roller
Ok so there may have been minimal stretching and no foam rollering. I must get better at that. 
Should have gone for a swimming lesson but after last week's nightmare I didn't want to risk anything that wasn't essential, so I went to Eds Easy Diner with the Mr for a hot Burger date instead (ok I had Chilli con carne as a healthier option - my body is a temple 'n all that!)

Thursday 22nd - Easy runcommute + a few strides

Miles: 8.1
Pace: 7'27/mi 152 bpm

Friday 23rd - Easy runcommute
I'm now getting badgered by people to taper but I promise you, this is in the plan. BenFP and I have worked out after last year's Bournmouth shenanigans that more mileage and a late taper seems to suit me (barring recent shin-based events) and so it is I'm still doing the runcommute 2 days before M-day. Actually it was a circular 'runcommute' as I'm working from home. Gosh it's gorgeous out there. Brent reservoir is really beautiful on these golden mornings


I also got to start testing the Garmin FR35 which seems really good so far. Simple to use and great, clear watchface.

Miles: 7.8
Pace: 7'31/mi 149bpm

Saturday 24th - 20mins easy +strides

So I didn't do these. I decided that sleep was more important and boy am I glad I made that call. I had a training day at church and then was flying to Berlin early evening, landing at just after 10. This was always going to be a tight turnaround for a race starting at 9.15am the next morning. Luckily the flight was on time. Unluckily I managed to get on the wrong train and instead of a 40min journey I spent 2 hours going via Potsdam before I got to my hotel at midnight. I ate half my race day breakfast during this extended journey because I was so tired and hungry and when I got to the hotel there was no kettle in the room so I had to plan for cold porridge the next morning. I also had to go and pick up my number the next morning and make it to the Adidas Runbase. So, 5 hours sleep is wonderful prep for a marathon, right?!

On the up-side my friends sent me this photo from the Expo. How cool!

Screen Shot 2016-10-01 at 15.54.37.png

Sunday 25th - BERLIN MARATHON!

Miles: 3miles trying to pickup my number + 26.4 (give or take) Berlin Marathon
I'll let you wait for the full write up but I did get lost in the morning trying to pick up my race number. 3 miles and several panicked attempts at getting directions I finally got it and headed to the Adidas Race HQ. This place was brilliant and since all of the Adidas London crew were there it was a brilliant was to get a moment to chill out and get excited with the rest of the gang. They also had food so I managed to grab a coffee and apple to make up for my less-than ideal breakfast. Now it was just time to see what happened and earn me one of these: