Training: 26th Sept - 2nd Oct

Not much to see here as it's a recovery week. Normally I'd be itching to run sooner but given the 3 in three months plan, I'm taking it VERY easy this time.

The whole week was a 'see how it goes' so I worked roughly off recovery weeks after previous 26.2's

Monday 26th
Very little sleep overnight (about 3 hrs in total). I guess there was too much adrenaline going around. That plus the hotel fruit juicer being fired up at 7am meant I gave up and went in search of coffee.

Was craving fruit and cereal too! Met some of the AdidasLDN group later for lots of walking around Berlin. Probably more than ideal but it meant we got to go to the Kartoffell keller for some artery clogging potato-based food 



and then down to the Adidas store to get our wrist bands etched with our times.

Just as we were about to leave for the airport we found out our flight was cancelled and there began a 12 hour adventure involving a brief stop in Copenhagen, a stay in the Hilton and finally arriving back into the UK in a very zombie-like state on Tuesday morning.

Tuesday 27th
Yeah, nothing was going to happen today. Another night of virtually sleep meant a mad dash home to grab my laptop and then frantically catching up on work before collapsing with a Chinese takeaway and TV. Calves feel tight (like someone has attached a string to them and is yanking when I walk) but other than that I feel good. Normally I get back ache and I haven't got that at all this time.

Wednesday 28th -Swim

Back to the swimming lessons. Lovely to get in the water, get the heart rate up and do some kind of training. The EveryoneActive pool at Seymour Street in London is brilliant and the teacher (Raf) is great and very patient. Let's just say that breaststroke is not my strong point.

Thursday 29th
Another day off. Just walking to work etc and doing some stretching. I found a video a while back that gave a simple three-move stretch series. It's about as much as I can rely on myself to do and it's really simple. The three moves are one side at a time :

  1. One legged downward dog with the other foot resting on the calf of the solid leg,
  2. Pigeon pose
  3. Low Lunge (or Anjaneyasana)

Friday 30th
A nice easy jog around the fields and woods near my house. Felt tight and hot and out of breath but settled into it. My legs definitely LOVE off road at the moment. I guess it's the change of feeling after the flat hard surface of Berlin.

Miles: 4.6
Pace: 8'33/mi

Saturday 1st
Mr B is off playing football and normally I'd be doing a long run, so instead he dropped me off at the pool for 40mins of trying to improve my crawl and breaststroke. Then jogged back. Everything feels totally normal now. Hurrah! Also, Autumn is definitely here. I LOVE this time of year.

Sunday 2nd - S&C