Training: 10th - 16th October 2016

Monday 10th - Easy #runcommute (+ Pilates in the evening)

Pace: 8:17/mi 153bpm
Miles: 6.9mi


Tuesday 11th -  10 minutes Warm Up, 4 x 10 minutes with a 90 second recovery, 10 minutes Cool Down - Alternate between Threshold and marathon Pace (1,3 at Threshold, 2,4 at Marathon Pace)

Think I'm getting the lurgey! Sneezing / sore throat etc. Ah well! Forgot to start watch for WU, 

Miles: 8.5
Pace for intervals =
6'51, 166bpm
7'01 166 bpm,
6'29 165 bpm, 
6'38 168 bpm, 
CD 8'57 154 bpm

Wednesday 12th - Rest, stretch, foam roller
Well, I did the resting... and a  little swim in the evening. Taking lots of Vitamin C etc.

Thursday 13th - Easy #runcommute + a few strides
Miles: 7.9
Pace: 7'54/mi 152bpm

Friday 14th - Easy run to work

On leave and feeling even more coldy and sneezy so had a very easy pootle around the filds and woods near home. Flew to Bergamo in the afternoon and travelled to Lake Garda to arrive in the evening. Eating a bit all over the place! Late shared pizza on arrival

Miles: 6.9
Pace: 8'11/mi 144bpm

Saturday - 20mins easy run + strides (not done)
I missed this one last time as well. Bad Gill. This time it was raining outside and I was tired and trying to fend off the cold. Think it was probably the right decision though.

Sunday - RACE DAY - Lake Garda Marathon

Check my Strava or wait for the writeup!