Training: 24th - 30th October 2016

A fun week and the most miles in a while. Finished off with a fantastic event run by Adidas in south London and then a Saturday of non-running fun with the cutest niece and nephew ever.

Monday 24th - Easy run to work [+ run home + pilates]
Had a bit of a rubbish day so needed to run it away after work, hence the extra.
Miles: 10  + 8.1
Pace: 8'39/mi , 155bpm  + 8'22/mi 137bpm

Tuesday 25th - 30 mins easy run + Track

Didn't manage the 30 easy in the morning as was on a training course. First time back at track  was tough. 10x 400s off 60s with the first 200 at hard effort and 2nd 200 slightly less. The group was going for 35+40seconds but I could only manage 39+42 seconds. At least I was consistent.
Miles: 6.5
Pace: 39s per 200 + 42s per 200 = 400 in one go off 60s

Wednesday 26th - rest, stretch, foam roller  [+ evening run]
Tight quads so lots of foam rollering. Ran from work course in Chiswick to church in the evening to make up for the missed 30mins yesterday.
Miles: 6.5m
Pace: 9'16/mi  140bpm

Thursday 27th - 10min WU, 20, 15, 10 minutes at Threshold effort with a 90 second recovery, 10min CD [+easy evening jog to scout out Adidas event]
Miles: 9.8 + 12.9
WU = 8'47 127 bpm
20 = 6'39 164bpm, 
15 = 6'37 169bpm, 
10 = 6'23 154bpm, 
5 steady because I felt like it = 6'40 173bpm, 
CD = 7'35 162bpm) 
+ evening jog 9'19/mi 134bpm.

Friday 28th - Easy Run to Work [+ sub-captaining 3rd group at Adidas event]
The morning run was to join AdidasLDN runners for a nutrition workshop with Will Girling. We made protein balls that were REALLY good. In the evening it was the Unlock London event with 3 teams each for North and South London running a loop around Peckham in opposite directions. The first ones to get all three teams home won. North did it and we had a great time in the process. Afterwards there was free pizza and drinks. A great evening which showed runners at their best - everyone was friendly and put the group over and above themselves.
Miles: 8.3+ 4.3
Pace: 8'10/mi, 142bpm + 9'51/mi, 134bpm 

Saturday 29th - 60 mins easy
Didn't manage this as I had my sister and family staying. Since I'd not been there for them on Friday evening it seemed right to prioritise them over a run on Saturday.


Sunday 30th - 20mins S&C