Training: 14th -20th November 2016

Summary: 60.5 miles and last proper training week before Florence. Excited to race again but a little but tired and a little bit nervous about what will happen. Not a bad week session-wise though. Start of the week was good for sleep but Friday's 5.30 - 10.30 day wiped me out on Sunday,

Monday 14th - Easy Run to Work
Pace: 8'16/mi, 142bpm
Miles: 10.3
+ Pilates PM  

Tuesday 15th -   AM: 30 minutes Easy Run // PM: Track Session
Run to Track, track (7x 1100m off 90s), run part of the way home
Pace: To track= 9'16/mi, 137bpm
Track, per 1100m =
Run part of way home not recorded.
Miles: 11 + 4.8 + 1.4

Wednesday 16th -   S&C Session
Actually ran to the gym and then did the session of 20kg lifts, 8kg each for lunge, 7kg each for split squats. Did very light swim session in the evening - mainly tumble turns!
Pace: 9'11/mi, 133bpm
Miles 6.5  

Thursday 17th -  10 minutes Warm Up, 3 x 10 minutes at Threshold effort with a 90 second recovery, 10 minutes Cool Down
Much happier with that threshold session than last week, but then I don't mind 10mins of it!
1= 6.26/mi 167bpm
2 = 6.24/mi 167bpm
3=6.23/mi 163bpm
Miles: 7.73

Friday 18th - Easy run to work
Up at 5.30am to join Adidas Runners London for their morning session which was a short progression run....with a special guest. I got to run with and chat to Jo Pavey! She was great, totally down to earth, full of knowledge that she was willing to share and really easy to chat to. Late night too as I was at a Christians in Sport event in the evening.
Miles: 5.1
Pace: Very all over the place as we were dodging tourists until we hit embankment.

Saturday 19th - 80 minute Long Run; Pick up middle 60 minutes to Marathon Pace
Tested out a new gel - a GU caffeine one. I think I will take this at the end of Florence to see if I can get a boost for the last few miles. I expected to hate it but it was really rather good and given the slightly baffling paces below (I'm sure they must be wrong) I guess it won't hurt to try!
Miles: 13.2
MP Section: 6:32 average? Sounds suspect to me!
Avg Pace        Avg HR
06:43        155
06:44        166
06:27        164
06:32        169
06:38        169
06:33        163
06:12 (?!)   163
06:13 (?!)   161
06:22        154
06:27        152"  

Sunday 20th -   20 minutes Conditioning Work + Stretch
Er, yeah, might not have done this... so tired after Friday and hosting a big lunch on Sunday too.