Swimming with Everyone Active, part 2: Fun and Flailing

So amidst all the running I've been keeping up the weekly swimming lessons at Everyone Active Seymour Leisure Centre as much as possible. 


In my last post  I told you how I'd been learning front crawl. There's still a lot to improve but front crawl has become the equivalent of the Long Slow Run to me.  It's my happy place in swimming - the thing that I feel relaxed with and that my brain puts up no fight at all if asked to do it. 

Swim-teacher Raph is a big fan of keeping things moving fast so by lessons 2 and 3 we'd already moved onto breaststroke and then soon after onto backstroke and, terrifyingly an attempt at butterfly.  There's only ever two or three of us in the lesson and Raph gives each person something to work on and then pointers as we finish each length. It's also good to see what the others are learning as you can take things from their explanations too.

The lesson normally runs a little bit like this:

  • Front crawl warmup lengths. Realise I've forgotten to use lots of the technique I learned last time. Try to remember it on next length.
  • Raph explains what we're going to be focussing on today and why it's important. E.g:
  • Keeping your palms relaxed and pushing your arm down at a right angle underwater for front crawl to make sure you are getting the most push against the water and using the strongest muscles
  • Getting the timing right on breaststroke to make the most of the glide and then leading with your head as you come out of the water
  • Tumble turns and how to conserve oxygen to get the best start away from them (including comedy explanation of the human noseclip)
  • Finish by working on something else a little bit less taxing such as a tweak to backstroke or frontcrawl technique.


plugging your nose with your lips (from the web)

plugging your nose with your lips (from the web)

This is what I'm trying to get my head around at the moment:

Anyone got any words of wisdom for me? I seem to end up flailing around on the surface of the pool like a drowning goldfish!

Still, we have a giggle in the process!

It's testament to the way the lessons have been taught that I miss it when I can't go and that I'm actually looking forward to post race recovery swimming rather than feeling like it's a necessary evil.

Thanks to Everyone Active for the free lessons.