Training: 31st Oct - 5th Nov 2016

I've been looking forward to this week since I saw it go into the plan. Meaty. Not only that but the last really meaty one of the year and probably for some time. Florence, I have you in my sights.

Monday 31st - Easy Runcommute [+ run home + pilates]
Back to the hilly route. A misty, still morning. I love Monday runs

Miles: 10miles + 8.3 miles
Pace: 8'18/mi 140bpm +  8'04/mi, 136bpm

Tuesday 1st - 30mins easy / Track
Ran to track instead of the easy 30. Haven't done that in a while and boy could I tell when it came to doing the session! In general I was feeling rather 'meh' for various reasons so it was a tough session but it definitely helped to trash it out on the Track. The session was a pyramid - 200,400,800,1200,800,400,200 off 60s.

Miles: 9.4 + 5.6
Pace: 9'08/mi, 132bpm + Track Session Pyramid as below:
200 – 00:40 – 5’25 – 155bpm
400 – 1:23 -  5’33 – 156bom
800- 3:03  - 6’10 – 158bpm
1200 – 4:33 – 6’09 – 158bpm
800 – 3:00:01 – 6’04 -  161bpm
400 – 1:24 – 5’48 -  158bpm
200 – 00:40 – 5’25 – 169 bpm

Wednesday 2nd - Strength session (no time for swimming this week)
First one in ages. 20kgs on the squats and deadlifts. 8kg each hang for the lunges and split squats. No extra reps as I've got Thursday and Saturday to look forward to and I don't want any excuses

Thursday 3rd - 10min WU ,2x [20 min Marathon Pace, 15 min Threshold] off  5 min Jog Recovery, 10 min CD
This one had to be done on the way into work so I had a very light rucksack on.
Miles: 14.3
Pace:  WU = 9'11/mi, 143bpm
MP = 6'55/mi 174bpm
Threshold = 6'19/mi 171bpm
Jog = 8'34/mi 165bpm
MP= 6'43/mi 161 bpm
Threshold = 6'33 167bpm

Friday 4th - Easy 60
Should have been at the Adidas session but was working form home and the chance to run around fields and by the reservoir and have some extra time in bed was just too tempting! This kind of run is all about taking the easy ones easy so I can get the work done tomorrow
Miles: 6.8
Pace: 8'38/mi

Saturday 5th - 15min WU, 130min MP, 15min CD
Purposefully went on a hillier route than normal so I couldn't freak myself out if I was slower than I wanted. It was a very stop-start run so really not as hot as it looks but in general I'm happy.
Miles: 17.9
Pace: see below

Sunday 6th - 20mins S&C
This *will* get done.... if I write it here it has to! Why do I find it the hardest one to get done?!