Run Fast, Eat Slow: Sweet Potato Breakfast Cookies

One of the many running related podcasts I listen to is 'I'll have another' with Lindsey Hein. It was here that I first heard Shalane Flanagan and Elyse Kopecy talk about their new book: Run Fast, Eat Slow : Nourishing recipes for athletes.  I was particularly drawn to the idea of 'indulgent nourishment' and to the way they talked about making sure the recipes were fine for normal, everyday family life.

There are a few annoying ingredients like Teff flour and coconut oil (is it really as amazing as people are making out? Surely it's just another oil?) but the recipes and ictures are good enough that I'll overlook that for the moment.

I got the Ebook at first but since it's all in american measurements I decided I needed the hardback copy to be able to write the conversions against the recipes.

I'll let you know what I think once I've tried some more of them but here's the first thing I've made - Breakfast cookies


I've not tried these out after a runcommute yet but having scoffed a fair few of them I can imagine that they would be solid enough to deal with initial eating requirements. They are also more socially acceptable and easier to transport than a tuppaware of porridge.

I don't think I would regularly use them as a breakfast replacement but I'll definitely be making them again. Mr B also liked them.

They are easy to make, freezable and dunk well. They taste like a really crumbly flapjack with a kick of ginger.



Other options in the breakfast section are;