MyProtein Oats and Whey Chocolate Flapjack

Containing 20g protein and with quite technical-looking packaging, these are aimed firmly at the gym-sports heavy training market. I don't usually buy protein bars, preferring to opt for an apples & PB combo but I was pleasantly surprised by these. If you ignore the chocolate coating they taste a lot like some of the raw cacao and date bars and are not too sweet either. They are more of a dense bar with some oats for texture than a true flapjack. Also good dunked in coffee. 

I wouldn't say this kind of bar should take the place of good, normal food but as a quick post-training fix it's useful. I had one in the car on the way to a race because my normal porridge-in-a-pot was not an option (note to self - holiday cottages do not have tuppaware). 

I won these MyProtein oats and whey chocolate flapjack thanks to Running Heroes so did not pay for them. I wasn't asked to write about them.