This was the week of race day. 1 year since 3:00:01 and time to find out if it was a fluke. ARGH!


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Mon 4th - 30 minutes easy

Super chilled out. Half way to work, then hop on the tube. Lovely.

Miles = 3.7

Av Pace = 7:45/mi

Tues 5th - 10 min Warmup, 3x7mins Threshold off 90s recovery, 10 min cool down

Poor! WU = 8'06/mi // Threshold = 7'00/mi, 6'34/mi, 7'04/mi // CD = 8'02/mi

Too much the in taper / confident mindset. Realised that I had just crossed the road and then started again between the 2nd and 3rd recovery. A good reminder that Sunday will not be simple and requires effort. Thanks to several lovely people, I was reminded that they say you need a bad run before a good race.Still, yikes. 

Miles = 6.6

Weds 6th - 30 mins easy

Should have been 45min but yesterday's CD was an extended one to get me to work, so curtailed today's.

Miles = 4

Av Pace = 7:44/mi

Thurs 7th  - Rest Day

Plenty of foot rollering. Less actual rollering and stretching that I should do.

Fri 8th - 10 min WU, 12 Min Threshold, 2 min recover, 6x60seconds at 5k pace with 45s recovery, 10 min cool down

To me 5k pace = as hard as you can.

WU = 7'46/mi, Threshold = 6'31/mi, 5ks = 5'34, 5'41, 5'15, 5'28, 5'29, 5'26 // CD = 7'32

Got noticed running past husband's office by his boss who said I was "quite loud". I did feel really stompy.

Miles = 7.3

Sat 9th - 30 mins easy

 Legs feel tired and quads tight after yesterday. 

Miles = 3.6

 Sun 10th - Race Day. Greater Manchester Marathon.

More on this soon...

Miles = 26.2

Pace = 6'49/mi or thereabouts