Marathon week take 2. Apologies for the delayed update but I was a) running at the weekend and b) lost my Epson Runsense watch on Friday which have some of the data on it so I had to go to my backup. It's ok I've got it back now. 

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Mon 18th - Easy 30

Running around and wondering what it would be like to run Boston. Is it as great as everyone says? Went with watch in pocket and ended up running it progressively faster without realising.

Miles = 4.8

Av Pace = 7'07/mi

Tues 19th - 10min warmup, 3 x 6min at threshold with 90s recovery, 10min cool own

Miles = 5.9

Pace = WU 7'45, Threshold 6'27, 6'32, 6'23 (though first one had to stop a bit for traffic so not really a fair representation as had mini recovery), CD 8'20

Weds 20th - Easy 45

A beautiful morning. It was hard going back to the early start but loved it once I got out there.

Miles = 5.7

Av Pace = 7'43/mi

Thurs 21st - Rest day

Fri 22nd - 30mins easy inc. 6x2mins at 90s off 60s recovery jog in the middle. 

This actually ended up being AR's beigel run (favourite run of the week) and then a run up to work to shower before heading to see Ben FP and collect my number at the London Marathon expo. I tried to do the 2min spurts on the way to work but I'd forgotten that 8am in central London isn't really conducive to pace-work. I decided to just "try hard" as much as possible in little spurts. Finished wondering if I can still run 26miles.

Miles: 4.7mile for beigel run , 3.4 miles run across to work 

Pace: 9'04 for beigel run,  7'48/mi but with some variable 5'55-7'00 bursts on the bit across to work.

Sat 23rd - 30mins easy

Thought I wasn't nervous about VMLM. I am.

Miles = 4.9

Av pace = 7'33/mi


More on this soon! 

Miles = 26.4 (if you believe my watch)

Av pace = 6'49/mi (ish)

Week Total = 55.4miles