Training: 22nd - 29th May 2016

New adventures in weights, conditioning exercises and running through forest and fields. Nap time now?!

Monday 23rd - Easy RunCommute

Actually only just off the road. The nearest I can get to trails on my RunCommute

Actually only just off the road. The nearest I can get to trails on my RunCommute

In anticipation of future summer adventures I've bought some trail shoes. They are Salomon XR MIssion 1 . They cost a mere £30 from SportsDirect so I figure if I hate trail running it's not a huge waste. This morning I thought I'd give them a whirl on a easy run, just to make sure they aren't going to cripple me. They are definitely harder under foot but the combination of a beautiful morning and the excitement of the 10,000mPBs night mean that despite running the hilly route I was flying for parts of the RunCommute this morning. I even cut across a little corner of Hampstead Heath to get some non-tarmac action.

Av Pace: 7'11/mi 156 bpm (suprising!)

Distance: 10.5m

Tuesday 24th - Track

Ran to track but not the super long route this week - thought I'd try it on fresher legs. Track was 10x400m in 1:23 with 1:45 recovery. Managed to stick with it for all 10 reps this week, even the last one. Felt pretty ok really but couldn't do a sprint finish. Frustratingly, Mr B came for the first time and did it with little effort. Not fair!!

Av Pace: 7'14/mi to track, 1:23 per 400m = 5:33/mi pace for the rep's at track. HR monitor failed.

Distance: 8.3m to track + about 4m more at track (ish?)

Wednesday 25th - New strength training routine (and a cheeky run to work)

Av Pace:8'19/mi 178bpm

Distance: 10.2m

12.5kg Goblet, 17.5kg Deadlift, Squats & Lunges 6kg.

Jelly legs!

Thursday 26th - 10min W/U, 3x10min Threshold off 90s recovery, 10min C/D

Definitely feeling yesterday's routine in those muscles just on the inside above your knees (not sure what they are called) but not horrifically beforehand. Afterwards though  - owwee!

Pace:W/U 7'40/mi 144bp, 1=623/mi 164 bpm, 2=6'24/mi 185bpm, 3=6'23/mi 200bpm, C/D=7'43 169bpm

Consistent.. now just need to keep that pace for longer.


Friday 27th - Easy RunCommute (aka Beigelrun with Advent Running)

Really dodgy stomach towards the end, so a bit of a limp into work but always an enjoyable run. Still feeling Weds.

Av pace: 8'10/mi 169bpm

Distance 10m

Saturday 28th - Original Maverick Dorset Trail Race - Long (23km)

Could still feel Wednesday in the legs. First ever trail race - no idea what to expect. Turned the watch to silent and didn't look at it. Ran how I felt - went hard-ish when we got to tarmac and tried to fly the downhills and do my best on the uphills. So much fun! Wow. What scenery. More to come in a proper write up.


Sunday 29th - New S&C routine at home

Got a bit of a twinge in the top right leg. Think it'll be fine though. Otherwise not feeling yesterday and finally the aches from Weds have gone!