Training: 6 - 12th June 2016

High mileage but making sure I kept the extra miles very low effort (not sure they could have been much else)

Monday - Easy run to work
Hilly route in the morning with a couple of punchier miles in the middle. Sweaty slog in the evening. Went to pilates afterwards and couldn't do anything! Core was not having any of it.

Miles: 10.1 + 8
Pace: 7'40/mi 156bpm in the morning, 8'12/mi 139bpm evening

Tuesday: 30mins easy + Track
Ran to work , then to Harrow AC track night, did track , ran back.
Track was 4x 900m, 90s recovery, 500m 3mins recovery.
Got really stompy by the end. Think the extra miles were kicking in but the pace was as good as last week over shorter distances. Glad of a no-run day tomorrow. 

Miles: 23.4 in total

Pace: Track see above.
Run to work = 8'28/mi 139 bpm,
To Harrow = 8'16/mi, 144bPM
From Harrow =8'20 140bpm

Wednesday - Strength sessionUp to a whopping 15kg for the goblet squats and managed one set of 10kg with the bar on my shoulders. Such a weed! Need to keep reminding myself that this is fun as I found myself getting a bit bored but I'm sure it'll help and it's a nice challenge. Gyms are so sweaty though.

Thursday - 10 minutes Warm Up, 4 x 10 minutes at Threshold (pick up last 2 minutes to 10km Effort) with a 90 second recovery, 10 minutes Cool Down)

Post-run breakfast.Yum.

Post-run breakfast.Yum.


After last week I'd been dreading this. Even though I was working from home I got up at normal time as I run better earlier.Not as bad as last week but not as good as two weeks ago. Tried to pick up fr the last 2 mins... not hugely succesful. Frustrating to know I can do better at a park run after 40mins run beforehand though! 

Miles:18.5 total

WU = 7'30/mi 146bpm
1 = 6'24/mi, 166bpm
2= 6'37/mi 167bpm
3= 6'31/mi 205bpm
4=6'27/mi 184bpm
CD 7'27 189bpm

Ran into town for dinner =  roughly8'20 / Mi 1:15:00ish

Friday - Easy run to work

I was off work visiting friends and only had 20mins in the morning, so went for a quick swim. Gosh I'm rubbish at swimming. Knew i'd have to run in the evening and that it'd be hard to get motivated once I got home so I put my kit in the car in the hope that I could find somewhere nice on the way home. Turns out there's some good fields near London Colney. I parked in the Sainsburys and went noodling around the heath there. I don't like this stuffy weather though. it feels like such hard work.

I think the lockers at the swimming pool were telling me to stick to my strengths.


Pace:8'22/mi 139bpm

Saturday - 120mins long run (allowed to do a bit more)
I was looking forward to this but a tiring Friday + lots of miles + muggy weather + waking up early **on a Saturday** meant it wasn't quite as much fun as it should have been. Still, I went exploring Hampstead Heath (that place is confusing - I will never get my bearings) and managed to wind out 20miles which was nice to do. At 17miles I found my Zen and could have carried on but there were 4 dozen cakes waiting to be baked so I had to go home. Galling to be so close to 100miles in a week!

Hampstead heath panorama

Miles: 21.1
Pace: 8'11 136bpm (phew - at least my HR was sensible!)

Sunday - 20 mins conditioning