Training Log: 13 - 19th June

The aim of this week was to finish it wanting to run more, not desperate for a rest. Mission accomplished - can't wait for the Monday easy run.

Monday - easy RunCommute
Lovely morning for the run. Usually I’d run home too but not this week. After a heavy week last week and a weekend of disputed sleep I have to admit I was quite glad of my promise to myself not to do extra miles.

Pace: 7’48/mi 144bpm

Tuesday - 30 mins Easy / Track
Technically there were some extra miles as I ran along the canal to track at Mile End. I love running there as it’s a nice way to wind down after work and stops my dithering about whether I should go or not.

I try and mix it up between the two AR’s track session  and Harrow AC - both are great for different reasons. This week I particularly wanted to go to Mile End because Gemma Hockett was going to be there. We’ve chatted a lot over instagram, email etc as she works on her sub-3 dream so it was a giggle to finally meet her. She has promised me that she’s going to “blow up” next week. Watch this space!


Pace: To track 8’39/mi 133bpm
Track = 
8x 400m in 1:25 (5’41/mi pace) with 90s recovery
2mins recovery
2x 800m ideally at the same pace.
For one of the 800’s I ran with Gemma for 3:11 and the second was completed in 2:55

Miles: 14.2

Wednesday - Strength Session
I’m not up to doing 20kg for the 3x12 goblet squats and then did at 1x 17.5kg see with the bar across my shoulders
Split squats etc are now done with 10kg in the hands.
Whilst these are not exactly mind boggling weights, it’s an improvement and also the limit set by BenFP


Thursday - 15min WU, 25min Threshold, 15min CD
Nice to mix it up after doing multiple 10min blocks the last three weeks. Having run less miles beforehand I was ready for this and looking forward to seeing how it went. Amusingly, my tin-addled brain forgot my calculations and I ended up doing 30mins threshold. I wen out slightly later than last week (7am) but ran the same pace to it doesn’t quite disprove my "the early I run the faster I run” theory.

WU = 7’40ish/mi, 144bpm
30min Threshold= 6’34, 6'18, 6'34, 6'34, 6’31 with a bit on either side which gave an average of 6’34/mi. Not amazing given I know I can park runfaster than that, but not awful.
CD 8’something/mi (no HR throughout)

I *may* also have run into town for dinner. I know that kind of goes against the extra miles thing but it was a nice evening and an easy pace: 8’26/m

Miles: 8.26+8

Friday - Easy RunCommute (Beigel Run with AR Collective)
Pace: 8’57/mi
Miles: 10

Saturday - 75 minutes Easy Run - Include 10 x (1 minute at 90%, 1 minute Easy) in the middle
Actually only ended up doing 64mins as I had to dash off to wedding.
WU 11mins
12x 1 min at 90% 1 min easy
CD = 7min
+ Park Run pacing Mr B

Pace for 90% efforts: 5'31, 6'13, 5'50, 5'47, 6'05, 6'18, 5'46, 5'33, 6'00' 6'06, 5'47, 6’00
Pace for Park Run: 6'35

Miles: 8.72

Sunday - Conditioning session at home

Completed the set twice