Training Log: 20 - 26th June 2016

Monday 20th - Easy run to work

After an easier week last week I was definitely ready for this. Wore the Newtons and took it steady. A mooch into work via the hilly route and rather soggy by the end but quite fun. No evening run commute though as we went to watch England V Slovakia and eat Nandos! 

Pace: 7'57 142bpm
Miles: 10

Tuesday 21st - 30mins east // track
Epic day and went a bit off piste. Is that really bad? I do really like seeing what I can do at track when I know my legs are tired.

Possible issue though as after the easy run to work I got up from my desk during the day and felt a pain up my left quad. I thought I'd try a slow run in the direction of track to see if it loosened up as that is what usually happens when I get niggles. However, it was getting more uncomfortable every time I stopped. I got to track thinking I might just have to do the warmup and go home but I got funnelled into the session and once I was running at pace it felt fine. It was noticeable again on cool down and the run home from the tube though. It could be the weights last week, could be Newtons
So, the day was:
Easy run to work, run to track, track (6x400 off 90s, 3x800 off 2mins, 2x1200 of 2'15), run home from tube.

Run to work 8'08/mi 147bpm (10miles)
Run to track 8'43/mi 131bpm (12 miles)
Track - see below


Miles: 26.5

Wednesday 22nd - Strength
20kg for all the goblet squats and an extra 6 squats with 22.5kg
20kg deadlifts
12kg in hands for lunges etc
Proper jelly legs!

Thursday 23rd - (should have been on Friday) Easy Run
Feeling the weights session from yesterday!
Had to get up at 4am for a running related thing in central London. More on that in the future prossibly. We got soaked, didn't finish until about 1pm and was treated to Nandos (again) for lunch. I needed to go home via the polling station and knew that it was going to rain again so decided that getting out for the threshold session wasn't going to happen. Instead I swapped it for the Friday "easy run" except it didn't feel easy as I had a very heavy rucksack, it was muggy and I was tired.

Pace: 8'05/mi
Miles: 11.5

Friday 24th - (swapped from Thurs) 10 minutes Warm Up, 4 x 10 minutes at Threshold (pick up last 2 minutes to 10km Effort) with a 90 second recovery, 10 minutes Cool Down
Referendum result day and woke up to the big news story that surprised people. 

I started the session aiming for 6'35 pace which I thought I was doing but when I got to the end of the 10mins my watch beeped for 6'51. This was pretty soul destroying and I tied to do the 2min pickup but kept having to stop or stopping anyway at traffic lights. You can see the result below. I nearly sacked the whole thing off at that point but luckily, because I was trying to get to work early I carried on. The 2nd one was a lot better but the weights, lack of sleep and just not being very good that day meant that it wasn't great for the rest of them. I tried to do the cool down at a sensible pace in order to salvage something. I got to work to find I didn't have any trousers there so had to make an emergency H&M trip but only after sitting  at my desk in shorts for an hour!

Ran home because it seemed like I might as well. Leg feels fine now - weird.

1 = 6'51+7'1(uh oh)
2 = 6'21 + 5'46 (better)
3 = 6'34 +5'21 (hanging on)
4 = 6'37 + 6'47 (nope)
Last 2.5 miles at 7'08 (trying to get something half decent done!

RunCommute home = 8'01

Miles: 21.7

Saturday 25th - 120 mins easy run
A funny one. Ran to meet Mr B at park run but was too busy trying to squeeze out extra miles that I was nearly late for it, which meant that we had a grumpy start. I then couldn't seem to hit the pace we needed, but it turns out afterwards that I probably was. I told him to go on but his watch wasn't working properly and this basically screwed up his run. He could have made another PB but instead we went back two weeks. After that I really didn't feel like finishing the long run and also had to make it back to get the cat to the vets. So all in all wasn't a very nice relaxed long run but did the job.

Sunday 26th - 20 mins conditioning