Training: 30th May - 5th June

Keeping the miles high. A week of fun in fields, terrible thresholds work and Park Run PB-pacing. Not a fantastic week results wise but a pleasant one nonetheless.

Mon 30th - 60mins easy


Bank holiday run with Mr B around fields near us and a bit of road.

Pace: 7'46 / mi average. 165bpm

Miles: 8.2

Tues 31st - 30mins easy + track

work to tube 3.57m
from tube 4.12m at 8'46/mi 167bpm to track
3x 800,800,400 (90s recovery and 3mins between sets)
I think next week they are doing 900 / 500

Work->tube 8'51/mi 142bpm
Tube->track 8'46/mi 167bpm to track
800 = 03'00"
800 = 02'59"
400 = 1'22
800 = 02'56
800 = 02'59
400 = 01'25
800 = 03'04
800 = 03'01
400 = 01'24
Track ->home 8'39/mi 175bpm

MIles: 17.67 

Weds 1st - Week 2 of new strength workout

12.5kg x 2 sets for goblet +12.5kg x 1 set on shoulder
17.5 deadlift (but only down to step with better technique) extra 10 to floor level
8kg for lunges and split squats
Clam without band
Marching bridge instead of others as forgot band
Rest with theraband done at home on Thurs.

Not sure if the gap between weights and band made the difference or it being week 2 but really didn't reel achey after this at all this week. Very off.

Thurs 2nd - WU, 4x10mins threshold off 90s, CD

Felt like hard work from the start.To be honest, I wasn't very honest about my times either as I kept taking the road crossings which paused my watch for about 10s. Would have happened a few times in each block. I don't know what it was, there's a variety of excuses I could give about wind, cumulative effect of weights-work and races but to be honest, I'm pretty sure it was just one of those days. Ah well! Went home and head healthy nutella on toast dunked in coffee YUM.

 This is sooo good. There may not be any left. I may have used a spoon. Oops.

 This is sooo good. There may not be any left. I may have used a spoon. Oops.

(looks ok-ish but consider that it was without rucksack and compare to last week)
WU = 7'46 142bpm
1= 6'37 163bpm
2= 6'47 158 bpm
3= 6,34 160bpm
4= 6'34 195bpm (total mileage 10.14)
+ very easy run to friend's house in evening 8.04m in 8'12/mi 156bpm

Miles: 18.18 total

Fri 3rd - Easy runcommute (beigel run)

AM social run
PM easy run home 

Miles: 10.2 + 8.12

Pace: 9'42/mi 165bpm + 8'51/mi 145bpm

Sat 4th - 60 mins easy

Didn't quite hit the time but ran to Park Run to meet Mr B with the aim of pacing him to a sub 21min PB. Couldn't hit any kind of pace on the way there so warned him I might not be much use. Luckily after the word "go" something clicked and we brought it home in 20:43 - a PB of 17s.

Pace:  to parkrun = 7'25/mi 154bpm + pacing Mr B at park run = 6'42.mi no HR

Miles: 6.9

Sun 5th - 20mins conditioning work.