Training: 4th - 10th July

Monday 4th - Easy RunCommute

Using the Newtons again. Lovely morning for it - nice change from the last two soggy Mondays. Lower calves pretty tight but all good and enjoyable. 
Miles: 10.2
Pace: 7'51/mi 152bpm

Tuesday 5th - WUm 3 x 10 minutes Kenyan Hills with a 90 second recovery between sets + 6 x 20 second hill sprints with walk down recovery at the end, CD

Normally this would be a track day, but due to weekend commitments things got juggled around and so it was that I was thumped up and down primrose hill on a very warm Tuesday evening. I'm slightly ashamed to admit I event went for the "my sports bra is basically a crop top" option. Sorry Primrose Hill.
Miles: 10.5
Pace: Varied 

Can I take a moment to say how awesome RunderWear is? I bought some a while back and I've raced all my recent races in their pants. This was a super sweaty and repetitive session so I was grateful for good pants!


Wednesday 6th - Strength Session - aka Weights Wednesday!

20kg goblets + 1 extra set of 17.5kg across the shoulders
20kg deadlifts
12kg in hands for others. 

Thursday 7th - 135 minutes Long Run; Pick up middle 40 minutes to 80% (top end of Steady, Lower end of Threshold Effort)

I was feeling the weights session in the posterior area this morning! Up and out the door nice and early and despite police road blocks and giant dogs I managed to get it done. 
I was hoping to keep it under 6:45 for the  40 min section (av 6'40). I was quite pleased with the 40min section but BennyFP seemed decidedly underwhelmed so I'm thinking maybe I should have pushed more. 
I didn't feel I settled in until about 1:10 into the run but all in all, enjoyable. Used the Newtons - hurting a bit by the end

Friday 8th - Easy Run to Work

There's a new crew in town. They are the Adidas Runners. On a Friday they are led by James and Claudia from the AR collective. I ran down to meet them for their first ever session which was on Hampstead Heath. It's not going to be a purely social run each Friday - every run is aimed to help you improve, so this'll be a good one to add to the training week. Oh, and they have an awesome support vehicle and free coffee!

Saturday 9th - Day off
Yes, you heard that right. No running, no conditioning work, no nothing. We were up north visiting family and friends so that was the most important focus of the day.

Sunday 10th - 20mins conditioning
And a sneaky 3mile run in the fields of Yorkshire before we headed back to the big smoke.