Why run? // Competition [closed]: Win a copy of Like The Wind magazine

Why bother running? It's just walking but a bit quicker after all. I've been pondering this on and off over the last few months but before I go off on a ramble, let's get to the juicy bit  - a competition to win a copy of the the running magazine with a difference, Like The Wind. [competition now closed. Congrats to the winners]

Like The Wind magazine focuses on why we run rather than how we run. They cover personal stories, a variety of outdoor adventures and have brilliant artwork. For example, they recently had an article about the Right to Movement's Palestine Marathon which I also wrote about for the Guardian.

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So, why do I run? When I started it was because I got out of breath running for a train, couldn't afford a gym membership and thought there was no way I should be unfit at the age of 20-something. I started in a pair of shorts that cost about a £5er and an old T-shirt and went round the block. Then I started going around a few times, now look what's happened!

Why do I love running? There's the people, the places and the feelings it evokes. Mostly though, it reminds me how carefully I've been made. I have a love-hate relationship with those aches because every ache highlights just how intricately everything is connected and how movements are a triumph of the way our bodies are constructed. I love how each run is different even if it's the same route at the same time (hello A5!). Some days I start out in a grump but by the end I've seen people and sights that lift my spirits. Sometimes I'm fired up to focus hard and hit some times and finish on an adrenaline fuelled high. Some days I pray and think about what I've said and done the previous day. I think about who I need to apologise to, what I should give thanks for. Some days I think of nothing. The seasons go by and my feet carry me forward. 



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  • 2 copies of the magazine are available to give away. 1 each to 2 winners
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