Training Log: 11 - 17th July 2016

As always, the bold title for each day is the official plan. Below are the details of what I actually did. Second time I've gone over 100miles. Felt a whole lot easier this time. Next week is a different type of week entirely.

Monday 11th - Easy RunCommute
Run to work & run home from work. Taking it nice and laid back and enjoying a few bonus miles along the canal on the way into work.
Miles = 12.2 miles + 8.2 miles = 20.4
Pace = 8'21/mi + 8'26/mi

Tuesday 12th - AM 30 mins easy // PM Track
Late on Monday I realised I wouldn't be able to get to the official track session as I had an important last minute appointment with the girls and some cocktails. I could make it to a track on my own earlier though. So, a quick text to BennyFP saying "Set me a session, feel free to do your worst" and I was tasked with 2x(10x300 in 69@ + 100m 'float' in 24") with 4mins recovery. Allegedly this is 10k pace and marathon pace but when I got back and worked it out that's  6'10/mi & 6'26mi  which is a 38:19 10k (my PB is 40:02) and a 2:48:40 marathon. Er...quoi?! He warned me that the Marathon Pace section was where the hard work was and he was right. It felt like I was having to run faster in those sections that in the 300m. I only managed the 24" twice - the rest of the time I was 25" or 26" which converts to a 2:55:00  or 3:02:00 marathon. Also, I can't count. Ho hum!

1 0:01'005'57" /mile
  0:00'256'02" /mile
2 0:01'096'10" /mile
  0:00'256'29" /mile
3 0:01'096'11" /mile
  0:00'256'21" /mile
4 0:01'096'03" /mile
  0:00'256'11" /mile
5 0:01'096'13" /mile
  0:00'246'14" /mile
6 0:01'086'05" /mile
  0:00'266'14" /mile
7 0:01'076'05" /mile
  0:00'266'18" /mile
8 0:01'076'08" /mile
  0:00'266'08" /mile
9 0:01'066'03" /mile
  0:00'245'41" /mile
oops! miscounted! & didnt realise. 4 mins rest 4mins rest 
1 0:01'066'10" /mile
  0:00'256'11" /mile
2 0:01'106'11" /mile
  0:00'245'55" /mile
3 0:01'076'14" /mile
  0:00'266'02" /mile
4 0:01'086'13" /mile
  0:00'255'55" /mile
5 0:01'086'11" /mile
  0:00'265'55" /mile
6 0:01'096'21" /mile
  0:00'266'00" /mile
7 0:01'086'11" /mile
  0:00'255'49" /mile
8 0:01'096'11" /mile
  0:00'255'55" /mile
9 0:01'076'11" /mile
  0:00'265'58" /mile
10 0:01'086'16" /mile
  0:00'255'54" /mile
11 0:01'086'10" /mile
  0:00'255'31" /mile
stopped for 47", then wasn't sure if miscounted, so did another for good measure   
12 0:01'046'13" /mile
  0:00'235'10" /mile

Miles: Run to work = 10.2 miles, Run to track: 3.3 miles, Track = 5.3 miles, Track to cocktails = 2.7 miles = Total  21.5

Pace: Run to work =  8'08, Run to track = 8'24, Track = see below Run to cocktails = 8'10

Wednesday 13th - Strength Workout (see here)
20KG deadlifts still feel hard but 17.5 feel pretty easy now. I guess that's progress? Wow, I just looked back and realised I started with 12.5kg goblet squats. Sweet.


20kg goblet squats
Exta set of 15kg back bar squat
20kg dead lift + extra set of 17.5kg
8kg in hands

Thursday 14th - 10 minutes Warm Up, 3 x 10 minutes Kenyan Hills with a 90 second recovery between sets + 6 x 20 second hill sprints with walk down recovery at the end, 10 minutes Cool Down


Very grateful to Mr Hazel-Face who came over to Hampstead to make hills more fun with company. Turns out you can only do 2 3/4 of the hampstead hill loop in 10mins but boy is that a hill, and grass too. Think I need to work harder on the  downhills and be stricter on the recovery maybe. Check this graph..

Miles: To the hills: 5.9mi, hills:  4.6mi, home and hill sprints = 7.n mi
Pace: To the hills = 8'00 // 159bpm, Hills = varied, home and hill sprints = varied

Friday 15th - Easy RunCommute

Miles: Run to AR morning session: 8.6mi, AR Cruise intervals = 2.7m, To work from session = 2.6m, Commute home = 8.3mi / 
Pace: Run to AR morning session = 8'35,  AR Cruise intervals = av 7'05, To work from session =  8'01, Commute home = 7'52

Saturday 16th - 135 Mins Easy Long Run - with ParkRun at end

No parkrun at the end as had to wait in for double glazing. Rock'n'Roll! Lovely long run in blazing heat though.


Sunday 17th - 20mins conditioning

Done...always a mental battle to get this done