Training: 18th - 24th July

Monday 18th - Easy runcommute
Despite the big miles I was definitely ready to run again. Some decent pace towards the end too.

Miles: 10.2
Pace: 7'37mi

Tuesday 19th - Easy runcommute

No extra miles this morning - needed to be early to work and didn't want to give myself any excuses on Weds

Miles: 8.1
Pace: 7'32/mi, 143 bpm

Wednesday 20th - RunThrough Hyde Park 10k race

Well, you can read all about it here


Thursday 21st - Rest day

Or at least it should have been, but when the Mr suggests a  run around the nearby fields before work, well it'd be rude to say no. I was definitely not at full speed but no acheyness surprisingly.


Friday 22nd - 10 minutes Warm Up, 12 minutes Kenyan Hills, 90 seconds Recovery, 10 minutes Threshold, 90 seconds recovery, 12 minutes Kenyan Hills, 10 minutes Cool Down

Was going to run down to join AR and Adidas Running friends at Kings Cross before hand but woke up with my stomach still playing up and early meetings to call into I had to stay close to home. Good thing too as there was an unscheduled pit-stop in Asda after the Threshold section.
In the evening I ran up to the Mr's work so I could run home with him. Gosh it was muggy.

Miles:9.5 +
Pace: Varied - Threshold section was 6'19/mi +7'23/mi

Saturday 23rd  - 120 mins easy long run

It was very hot and we were hosting a garden party so I didn't want to be wrecked. An easy, sunny long run was a joy.
Pace:8'31/mi 134bpm

Sunday 24th - 20 mins conditioning might not have done this. Just stretched a bit. Combination of cider at the party, a large Brunch on the Sunday and wanted to just not think. First no-show in ages.