Training: 8th - 14th August

Sorry for the lateness...busy weekend of weddings and faffing around in the sunshine!


Monday 8th - Easy runcommute
To work and home again
Miles: 12.3 + 8.3
Pace: 7'59+ 7'49 149bpm

Tuesday 9th - 30mins easy + track at Harrow AC
V easy run to work. 
Tube to track
Track 6x1k off 3mins plus an extra 1k

Miles: 10.4 + 5.3 + 4.6
Pace: .8'04 140bpm) + 8'24, 139bpm + track below

3mins is quite a long recovery so actually the efforts aren't that great given the 10k pace last week, but still totally worth doing.

1        0:03'42"65
2        0:03'41"40
3        0:03'44"85
4        0:03'40"61
5        0:03'41"20
6        0:03'40"48
7        0:03'47"29 (extra with a lady who arrived late so I said I'd go around with her - thankyou for letting me bug you!)

Wednesday 10th Strength session
Goblet and deadlifts @ 20kg
Reverse lunge = 1 set @ 15kg and 2 sets @16kg
Split squats @ 16kg,
Extra set of goblet squats @ 22.5kg
2x12 of the back bar squat @17.5kg but think I might not have done it right

Thursday 11th - 10 minutes Warm Up, 2 x (6,5,4,3,2,1) minutes at Threshold effort with a 60 second jog recovery between reps, 10 minutes Cool Down
I was warned that this was "minging". It kinda was but also quite fun because none of the time blocks are too daunting. The key is apparently to keep the 60" recovery honest and jogging. That's what makes it tough.

Did a little evening recovery run too.

Miles: 11.9 + 5
Pace: Morning splits below + 8'30, 133bpm

Time blockPaceHR
56'14" /mile177 bpm
607'06" /mile203 bpm
46'19" /mile207 bpm
608'14" /mile204 bpm
36'19" /mile178 bpm
608'41" /mile183 bpm
25'50" /mile179 bpm
607'41" /mile- bpm
16'23" /mile- bpm
6011'12" /mile- bpm
56'19" /mile- bpm
607'06" /mile- bpm
46'32" /mile- bpm
608'38" /mile165 bpm
36'08" /mile165 bpm
608'33" /mile- bpm
26'13" /mile163 bpm
608'36" /mile161 bpm
16'11" /mile159 bpm


Friday 12th - Easy runcommute
Ran into town to catch the AdidasRunnersLDN crew for their morning session. It was Cruise Intervals around Lincolns Inn Fields.


As I was jogging back to work afterwards I felt a pain shoot up the back of them ankle / calf. Think I might have turned a corner too hard or something. Was going to run home but leg was hurting during the day so decided to be sensible and not do it. Hoping it's ok. Please be ok.
Pace: Varied

Saturday 13th  - Long run (about 2 hrs)
Pre-wedding fun long run. Went out to see how the crankle felt. After a mile it seemed to ease and feel really free. So relieved that I ended up doing some decent paced miles.

Miles 2-8 were
6'48" /mile
6'42" /mile
6'56" /mile
6'50" /mile
6'34" /mile
7'00" /mile
7'00" /mile

Swung by home to pick up the Mr for the second half. Crankle hurting a bit until we went off road. Still worried. 
Pace:7'47 149bpm overall

Sunday 14th - Conditioning

Done while watching the Olympics. Twice round.