Training: 15th - 21st August 2016

One session ditched and a lovely day by the seaside to make up for it.
One track session taken easy
Back to it ( including first attempt at Marathon Pace work)
Cr-ankle seems *touch wood* to be behaving. I don't DO injured. Hrpmh.


Monday 15th - Easy run to work

Due to being worried about the calf/ankle I decided to play it safe and not do this. A shame given that the Mr and I were in Bournemouth and had planned to go for a run along the seafront. Instead we made the most of having run the MAVERICK race in nearby Studland and took  In-Laws for a wander around the heathland, interspersed with a couple of stops at country pubs. 

Miles: None run - some walked
Pace: Walking

Tuesday 16th - 30mins Easy / Track

After chatting with BenFP we agreed I'd do a very gentle test run of 30mins in the morning and then go to track but in a more steady group, winding it up at the end if it felt ok.
The thing is, 30mins means I would have to get up even earlier to get out and get back home and change and get the tube, so I did a very very gentle run to work. No pain during the run, slight tenderness after. Track was 6x(800+400 off 1min) with 2 mins between sets. I was helping pace the group that was running 800 @ 1:35per400 and 400s @ 1:30. Stuck with that group just to be sure and because the top group were doing scary looking speeds!

Miles: 8 + 5
Pace: 7'51 // 171bpm + various

Wednesday 17th - Strength session (+ sports massage)
Normally I try to avoid extra expenditure to do with running (though with 3 marathons abroad this autumn that seems not to be going so well!) but I figured that it was worth shelling out for a Sports Massage. Iwona at OxfordCircusPhysio knows her stuff and is an ex-competitive runner so I trust her to tell me if it's ok to run or not. 

Strength session was hard work but all good: 4x 12 Dead lifts@20kg, 3x goblet squats @20kg, 1x goblet squats @22.5kg, Split and reverse lunges @ 16kg, wall squats + leg raises, clam, PSOAS march, theraband shuffle. 

Thursday 18th - Kenyan Fartlek - 5 minutes Easy Warm Up, 20 x 1 minute Hard Running, 1 minute Easy, 5 minutes Cool Down - Hard should start at 80% (threshold) and the last few you want to be running around 95%, top end 5k.
I've done this once before and I know it's fun because 1 minute isn't very long but also quite hard work!

Miles: 7.51
Pace: It's hard to take too much from the 1min paces as the GPS won't be that accurate but for what it's worth they were: 

Friday 19th - Easy Runcommute
Ran into town to join the Adidas Runners LDN group before work. This week it was a mini pyramid at Regents Park Track

Miles: 11.5 + 3.5 for session and jog to work
Pace: 8'51 140bpm +varied

Saturday 20th10 minutes Warm Up, 12 km at Marathon Pace, 5 minutes Jog, 12 km at Marathon Pace, 10 minutes Cool Down

Was looking forward to getting out and trying marathon pace. Only now of course marathon pace needs to be less than before (which was 6'52/mi). 7am alarm on a Saturday. Fun! Within a mile I'd gone from feeling "this is fun and achievable" to "why do I do this? It doesn't matter what time I run, it's not like I'm ever going to be an olympian". I'll be truthful, it wasn't the most honest session. I don't think a mile went by where I didn't 'have' to pause to cross a road. The pace was rather yo-yo and it was muggy. 2 miles before the end there was a sharp, cold, downpour which made the muscles complain but then it did the same again just as I was cooling down and it was the most glorious refreshing rain ever. Anyway, I got the job done and the pace was under 6'50 for the whole lot so now I just need to be more strict with myself.


Sunday 21st - 2 x conditioning sets