Training: 22nd - 28th August 2016

Monday 22nd - Easy Runcommute

Easy Run to Work
Easy run home again to avoid tube and in celebration of ankle-excellence. Gorgeous weather in the morning.
Miles: 12.1 +8.3
Pace: 7'44, 151bpm + 8'41, 128bpm

Tuesday 23rd - AM 30mins easy // PM Track
Run to work
Run to track (because I can't cope with the idea of the sweaty central line)
Track - The ARCollective foolishly but kindly left me in charge of their track session tonight. Yikes. Well, it was hot and hard work but no one died so I think we can call that a success. The session was 800m+1min rest+400m+2min rest. The pace and number depended on the group. Boy were we glad of the watermelon by the end!
Group 1: 7x 400s at 1:25


Pace: 8'36 134bpm, 8'36 140bom + track below

Wednesday 24th - Strength session

4x 12 dead lifts@23kg
3x goblet @22.5kg
Split squats @ 18kg
Reverse lunges @16kg
1x set of 12 17.5 back bar squat + all the rest

Thursday 25th - 10min WU, 2x 15min at Marathon Pace, 15min Threshold, 5 min jog, 10min CD

Well, this was one of those sessions that just wasn't happening. I added 5 mins to threshold in first set and 5 mins to MP in second set as I felt I wasn't giving it enough. Tough, not what I'd hoped, for but a good challenge!

Miles: 13
Pace: Below


Friday 26th - Easy Runcommute
Also joined the very end of the AdidasRunnersLDN session


Saturday 27th - Rest, stretch, foam roller

Bonus rest day as I'm off hanging out with the parents and looking at Gardens. We drove 2 hours, had lunch, it threw it down, the tour was cancelled, we drove home, then drove to Liverpool!

Sunday 28th - Strength & Conditioning