Training: 25th-31st July

Over 100miles again. Seems like it's happening by accident now and not really being a big deal. Still, will be sensible and cut back next week

Monday 25th  - Easy Run to Work
Went the hilly route. Pace was decent at the end after the uphills were over!
+ Easy run home and then Pilates with the Mr.

Miles:10.5 +8.2
Pace: 7’56/mi 146bpm + 8’34/mi 130pbm

Tuesday 26th – AM 30 Mins Easy + Track
Actually was: run to track, ten track which was 6x400s, 3x800s 2x1200s off 90s with 2mins between sets. The aim was to hit 1:25 per 400 m and keep that the same for every distance (so 2:50 for 800s and 4:15 for 1200s)

Track felt odd. Not exhausting in the normal way but just couldn’t seem to squeeze the 1:25s out even though I’ve done it before. Could be the muggy weather?

Miles: 7.9 + 7.4
Pace: 8’31 + 6x 400s (1'27,1'23,1'23,1'24,1'24,123) 3x 800s (2'52, 2'52,2'52) 2x1200s (4'23, 4'24)

Wednesday 27th – Strength and conditioning
3x set 20kg goblet
10 extra goblet @ 22kg
1x set 15kg back
20kg 3x set deadlifts
16kg in hands weighted lunges
split squats 16kg, 14kg, 12kg

Thursday 28th –10 minutes Warm Up, 3 x 12 minutes Kenyan Hills with a 90 second recovery between sets + 6 x 20 seconds uphill Sprint, 10 minutes Cool Down
Did extended warmup by running to Hampstead to do the hills, then ran into work after.
Ran out of time to do the sprints though. Quads of fire after yesterday’s weights.
+ Run home to remove stiffness

Miles: 6.4 + 6.7 (main session) + 1.8 + 8.1
Pace: 8’59/mi + 7’56/mi (main session) + 8’09 +8’55

Friday 29th – Easy run to work
Ran down to meet Adidas Runners LDN, who as it turned out were doing a hill session. Ouch!

Pace: 8’48 overall

Saturday – Long long run!
First ever ultra length ‘run’ though lots was walking up the hills and stopping to find the route. An absolute blast – 30 happy miles with friends along the North Downs Way. Cider and burger at the end.

Miles: 31.7
Pace: 11’20

Sunday – S&C
I actually did it, after last week’s skive. Weirdly feel fine after the 30 mile