RunThrough Chase the Sun 10k in Hyde Park - no.2

Two weeks after the last swelteringly hot race in Hyde Park it was time to stand at the start line of the  RunThrough Chase the Sun  event once again. 


I'd been looking forward to the race a bit more than before but had run 30 miles of the NDW contributing to 100miles the previous week. Besides, I still remembered mid-afternoon that I hate 10ks! Jogging down to the race it was fairly windy but much better conditions. 

After a shock PB last time, the aim this time was to a) prove it wasn't a fluke (my aim) and b) pace it less erratically, keeping every km between 3'50 and 4'00 per km (BenFP's request). I hoped that with less crazy weather it should be just about possible, though of course I had more pressure on myself this time because I knew I ought to be able to hit sub 40' now. 39'30 would be a big win in my books.

Ready, Set, Go.
Lap one - Ok, this is doable, it feels much less painful than last time.
Lap two - Well, at least I don't feel sick. 4'09? Bother. Oh sugar, 3'39? That's going to hurt later
Lap three - Ok so I've screwed up the 4'00/k or under thing but I think 39'30 should be achievable. I never want to do another 10k again. I'm never going to do a 10k again
Lap four - there's no one to chase or stick with. How is it this spread out? How is this not over yet? 
Finish - 38:30 What the?! oh heck! 3rd OA, first female. Finally the 10k times are stacking up. I still never want to race another one though. Shame there's one in the diary for a fortnight's time. 

Race 1 of double race week done. Orion Forest 5 next.


Things I have learned during this race: it's a good thing my mental arithmetic is awful. It means I'm never sure I've got it in the bag so I have to keep trying.

DistanceCumulative timePace / kmHR
1.00 km0:03'52"3'52" /km120 bpm
2.00 km0:07'36"3'44" /km151 bpm
3.00 km0:11'45"4'09" /km157 bpm
4.00 km0:15'25"3'39" /km151 bpm
5.00 km0:19'15"3'50" /km131 bpm
6.00 km0:23'13"3'57" /km - bpm
7.00 km0:27'06"3'52" /km137 bpm
8.00 km0:31'06"4'00" /km142 bpm
9.00 km0:35'05"3'57" /km148 bpm
9.88 km0:38'30"3'51" /km150 bpm