Training: 1st - 7th August 2016

Travels, time-trials and trails. My lightest week for a long time in terms of miles but  a heavy week for racing. 

Monday 1st - Easy runcommute
Being strict with myself about no extra miles.
Miles: 9.3
Pace: 7'37/mi 162bpm

Tuesday 2nd - Easy runcommute
Being even stricter. Felt a bit lethargic and very hungry by end of the day.
Miles: 8.2
Pace: 7:28'mi 158bpm

Wednesday 3rd - RACE: 10k after work

Run from work -> race, warmup, race, run back to work.
See here for a bit more
Miles: 3.4, 0.7, 6.2, 1.3 = 11.6
Race Pace: 6'15/mi

Thursday 4th - Early flight. Strength session in evening.

The normal session. Including: 20kg goblet squats + extra set at 22.5kg.
20kg Deadlifts
Split Squats -  2 sets with 9kg in each hand and rest w/7kg. Lunges w/7kg

Friday 5th - Easyruncommute
But was in Belfast for work and kept awake by an argument outside my hotel room so only managed a quick half hour pootle.
Miles: 4.3
Pace: 7'45/mi 149bpm

Saturday 6th - RACE: Orion Forest 5Mile
A much bigger field than last time (300 instead of 150) and no muddiness. Very hot but still fun and a PB over last time. 1st female. OA placing tbc. 
Miles: 5
Pace: 6'47/mi 157bpm

Sunday 7th - S&C session