Training: 5th Sept - 10th Sept

Only 3 weeks (including this one) to Berlin. Keeping a lid on the extra mileage but not tapering proper just yet. Not the best week ever  - a track triumph followed by another slightly concerning Saturday long run. Not sure how Berlin will pan out but I'm looking forward to it regardless.

Monday 5th - Easy Runcommute
and ran home again because it was first day back after hols and I needed the headspace.

Miles: 9.1 + 8.09
Pace: 8'44 / 142bpm + 8'51 / 134bpm

Tuesday 6th - AM: 30mins easy / PM: Track
Took a lie-in and did the easy run after work as I needed to swing by RunningWorks to collect my Forest Five trophy and PB reward  Lauren Fleshman Stance socks. Miscalculated though so only did 20mins and very easy due to people-dodging.

Track on the other-hand was a success. I finally managed to stick with the ARCollective 1st group for every single rep (thanks to some excellent chivvying). 7x [800 (@1:25 per 400), 1min rest, 400 @ 1:20, 2min rest]
Miles: 2.4 + 2 (w/u) + 5.5 (track)
Pace: 8'30 + as above for track

Wednesday 7th - Strength session
I seem to have plateau'd a bit on this. I was chatting to a lady at track who deadlifts 60kg and is smaller than me. 60kgs!!

PLUS excitingly I had my first swimming lesson at EveryoneActive Seymour Leisure Centre. The teacher, Raf was fantastic and the staff in general were a far cry from my memories of moody leisure centre staff.

4 x 12 of the deadlifts at 20kg as they didn't have the 22.5
Goblet squats 22.5kg
Lunges etc with 8kg in each hand

Thursday 8th - 10 minutes Warm Up, (5 x 1:30 Hard, 1 min moderate) + (8 x 1 min on / 1 min mod), 10 minutes Cool Down

Rather all over the place. Glutes & Quads felt stiff/burney. Did  what I thought was couple of extra 1/1's to try and make up for rubishness but when I checked back at the end of the session I appear to have done more than I intended on the extras. Splits below
Pace: below

Friday 9th - Easy Runcommute
Ran to meet AdidasRunnersLDN for their cruise interval session and then into work.
Miles: 16.5
Pace: varied but 7'53 overall

Saturday 10th - 10 minutes Warm Up, 3 x 20 minutes at Threshold Effort with a 60 second recovery, 10 minutes Cool Down (A BenFP classic!)
Didn't have my watch set the right way to show current pace so thought I'd leave it like that and see what happened. Outcome - I think I need it to push  me. That's the 3rd suspect Saturday workout in a row. Ho hum! Still, nothing can dampen my excitement for Berlin.
Miles: 11.9
Pace: See below

Sunday 11th - S&C

As usual