Training: 12th - 18th September 2016

Well, that didn't go quite to plan. Ouch ouch ouch, Fingers crossed.

Monday 12th -  Easy Runcommute
Also went swimming after work to practice.
Distance: 8.2mi
Pace: 7:00/mi, 156bpm

Tuesday 13th - 30mins easy // Track

Actually: Tube -> track,  A bit of track on my own + most of Harrow AC Track session, jog home
Track was 9x 400 off 60s on my own, then 4x (3x400 off 60ish seconds) 3mins recovery (see below).

Distance 3.0miles, 5.4 miles at track, 6.1miles
Pace:  8:20/mi 143bpm + Track see below +  8:34/mi, 142bpm

Wednesday 14th - S&C Session
I swear the split squats are getting harder not easier. 22.5kg for deadlifts and squats. 
9kg each for 2 sets of split squats, then 8kg each for rest and reverse lunge.
Went to a swimming lesson again in the evening. This time it was breaststroke. Boy is the kick weird. I don't understand how it can ever move me forward. I've been doing it like a frog allm this time but it seems that you're meant to keep your knees together and then flick your heels out and round. Odd! 

Thursday 15th - 10 minutes Warm Up, 3 x 10 minutes at Threshold effort with a 90 second recovery, 10 minutes Cool Down.
And this is where it went pear-shaped. I was getting to the end of the 2nd threshold block (having been pretty rubbish) when the front of my left leg felt odd and started hurting a bit. Went to start up the final rep and a searing shooting pain went up my calf for about 5/10cm above the foot and slightly on the outer side. I pulled up and walked as well as I could and then when it eased tried again but there was no way I could run at any speed. I walk jogged my way to work and pretty much hopped my way to boots to buy ice spray and ibufprofen gel.

I emailed BenFP, hoping I wasn't succumbing to taper crazies but given that walking was a challenge I didn't think I was. He told me to get ice on it ASAP, definitely don't run Friday and call in Friday PM.again 

Pace: as below

Friday 16th - Should have been Easy Run To Work
Instead I was icing every 15mins, walking as little as possible and working from home so I didn't have to move. Properly gutted and hoping it was going to be ok.

Saturday 17th - Should have been 80mins with middle 60mins at Marathon pace
Instead I went for a gentle walk around Westfield shopping centre while Mr B played football. I'm not going to lie, the weather was pretty minging so out of all the days not to be able to run it wasn't the worst. BUT, for my confidence I really wanted to do that session. I could still feel a little twing every now and then and was spraying with cooling spray every time I could (bet the people in Kath Kidston wondered what I was doing i the changing room!). By Saturday afternoon an afternoon at a kids Birthday party and some standing around meant I'd largely forgotten it and I was feeling more hopeful by the evening. Ben gave me the OK to do a very easy test run for 30mins on Sun

Sunday - S&C
Still did this and then late afternoon laced up to go and see what I could do. I started gently with my brain doing all sorts of weird things thinking that my knee was hurting, I was out of breath etc. 38 minutes later I came home having averaged sub three pace for the run. oops. I ran in to the garden to see Mr B and gave him a huge high 5 and a grin. It seemed like maybe, just maybe it was all ok.