Training: 29th Aug - 5th Sept 2016

Despite BenFP's careful attempts to build a plan for the week that worked for with me being on holiday circumstances conspired to mean that I trampled all over it. I did my best to keep the essence of it though!

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Monday 29th - 60 mins easy run
60mins easy, then 10x 3 mins 10k effort with 1 min steady jog recovery, 40min cool down

I realised that I was unlikely to get chance to do the 10k efforts on Tuesday so after getting a bit lots around Birkenhead I did the 10k reps along the Mersey seafront. It was hot! I also got a bit lost on the way back.

Miles: 18.3
Pace: Below

Tuesday 30th - AM: 30minutes // PM: 10 minutes Warm Up, 10 x 3 minutes at 10km Effort with a 1 minute Steady Jog Recovery, 10 minutes Cool Down
Actually: 40mins easy then sitting in a car for most of the rest of the day


Wednesday 31st - Rest Day
This was because I was spending the day driving THE BEST CAR around THE MOST BEAUTIFUL COUNTRYSIDE.


I did do the "at home" S&C session twice over just because it seemed waste of a day otherwise and I was in a good mood.

Thursday 1st - 60 mins easy run and stretch
Stuck to the plan! Well, not so much of the stretching. Must stretch more. A lovely pootle around the Great Strickland area where we were staying before hitting the roads again to go home
Miles: 7.5
Pace: 7'56

Friday 2nd - Strength session
As I was on holiday I didn't have the work gym available to me so I did what I could with the 12kg weights I have at home and a bit more of the home S&C session. Basically I I took it a bit easy. Sorry! Spent the day mainly stuck in traffic jams on the M25. Talk about a crash back to reality.

Saturday 3rd - 10 minutes Warm Up, 8km at Marathon Pace, 5 minutes Easy Jog, 8km at Marathon Pace, 5 minutes Easy Jog, 8km at Marathon Pace, 10 minutes Cool Down

Meaty. As with the previous meaty Saturday session, this was not the most honest, which is annoying. I got up at 6.30 to head to the canal, went out too fast and then took every reason going to pause and let people past etc. Ached more after this than have done in a long time. I suspect this has to do with the amount of sitting in cars done yesterday.

Miles: 24.7
Pace: Below


Sunday 4th - S&C