Training: 2nd - 8th Jan 2017

Monday - 60 mins easy
Pace: 7'30/mi 164bpm
Distance: 8 miles

Tuesday - 60mins Strength and Conditioning work (Session #1)
Also did an easy swim AM for 20mins. I'm hoping I can get to the stage where I can do two lengths back to back!
30kg Romanian Deadlift, 20kg Back Squat, 17.5kg Reverse Lunge  + core and plyo

Weds - WU, 4 x 9 Mins off 90s  with varying effort in reps (as below)

Rep 1 : 4mins 10k effort + 4 mins threshold = 6'44 169bpm overall but set watch wrong to monitor the split!
Rep 2 & 3 : Threshold effort = 6'41/mi 175 bpm + 6'31/mi 171bpm
Rep 4:  3 mins Threshold  +5 mins 10k effort = 6'46/mi 174bpm + 6'32/mi 173bpm
Very elongated cool down as I was early for work and craving miles!
Miles: 13.06 miles

Thursday - Rest day

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 15.59.29.png

Did a very easy 30mins jog to run some errands and try my XC spikes ahead of the weekend. Lots of stops and library, shops etc.

Friday - 30mins easy inc 5x 2 mins at 90% with jog recovery in the middle

Went to join adidas runners as they were doing cruise intervals along embankment
4 reps of roughly 800 metres each way
5'48 +6'56
6'53 +7'27
6'18 + 7'36
6'14 + jog
Miles: 5.8

Saturday - Running for Harrow AC in the Middlesex XC champs
Muddy a nasty incline, and a long run home.
Pace: irrelevant in XC. Came 12th...not awful...not great. Much to learn
8'13/mi for the run home.
Miles: 8k for the XC, 11 miles to get home

Harrow AC Middx XC.JPG

Sunday: 30 mins bodyweight conditioning
3x 12-15 or 60s Done as a circuit with 2 mins recovery between
Crab Walk
Wall Squat
reverse wall touch
Glute bridge fallout
YTW with Theraband
Lying PSOAS March
Press Ups
Standing Kickbacks
Core STR with Mobility