Training: 9th - 15th Jan 2017

Monday - Easy 50
But there was a tube strike so I had to run to and from work as it was the only option. It was pretty wet on the way home! Also did evening easy pilates.
MIles: 9.4miles + 8.3 miles
Pace: 8'16/mi, 174bpm + 7'54/mi, 131bpm 

Tuesday - 60 Mins Strength work (session 1) AM // Track PM

Deadlift: 1 set 25kg, 2 set 27.5kg
Lunge: 17.5kg lunge
Back squat: 25kg Back squat.
3x core set. Rubbish at hollow hold today!

Track: 6x800 off 90s (strict) rest
Pace = 2:55, 2:58, 2:58, 2:56, 2:57, 2:57 (done solo early and then joined group for drills)
Miles: 5.2 miles (inc. warmup and cooldown)

Wednesday - 50 mins easy run
Actually 60mins. Then an easy swim in the evening. Trying to go once a week.
Miles: 7
Pace: 8'24/mi, 149 bpm

Thursday - Rest day
Except I was working in town so I made the most of the chance to join my favourite run that I never get to do anymore - beigel run!
Miles: 7.1
Pace: 8'47/mi, 149 bpm

Friday - 60 Minutes Strength and Conditioning (session 2)
and then I ran home very easily, which wasn't in the plan. Tsk.

Split Squat: 17.5kg back, 2x8kg hand  (need to try more).
Glute bridge 20kg round weight
Back squat 27.5  
3x core
Miles: 8miles
Pace: 8'28/mi 154bpm

Saturday - Chiltern League Cross Country at Keysoe Equestrian centre
A water obstacle and 2 laps of a muddy field in the sun. Fun!
18th of 184.
Results here 

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 21.57.59.png

Miles: 3.8
Pace:  6'40/mi 174bpm,

Sunday - 30 mins bodyweight conditioning
Nearly didn't do this - find it so hard to get motivated on a Sunday afternoon!
Crab Walk
Wall Squat
Reverse wall touch
Glute bridge fallout
YTW with Theraband
Lying PSOAS March
Press Ups
Standing Kickbacks
Core STR with Mobility

Total miles: 51.7