Training: 21st - 27th November 2016

Sorry it's been a while. I've kept this one separate as it shows the final build up week for Florence and therefore might be of interest given the result!

Easy run to work, 8 miles, 7'47/mi, 150pbm

10min WU, 4x 7mins threshold off 90s recovery. Alternating between Threshold and Marathon Pace.
WU =  8'59/mi 134bpm
1 = 6'33/mi 150bpm (Threshold)
2= 6'58/mi 154bpm (MP?!)
3 = 6'22/mi 155bpm (Threshold)
4= 6'42/mi 157bpm (MP)
CD 7'43/mi 152bpm
7.8 miles in total

Rest day

Easy run to work with a few strides
7.1 miles
8'34/mi 150bpm

Should have been 45 min easy run but I skipped this to allow for extra sleep and packing. (Fly to Florence)

A group run in Florence with the Full Potential gang to check out the start and a bit of the route.
20mins. 3 miles

Florence Marathon
20mins Warm Up av 7/40/mi
Race (see below)
5 min Cool Down 9'37/mi

DistanceCumulative timeAv PaceHR
1.00 mile0:06'54"6'53" /mile95 bpm
2.00 mile0:13'08"6'13" /mile- bpm
3.00 mile0:19'41"6'31" /mile- bpm
4.00 mile0:26'21"6'39" /mile131 bpm
5.00 mile0:32'58"6'35" /mile132 bpm
6.00 mile0:39'29"6'29" /mile132 bpm
7.00 mile0:46'05"6'34" /mile- bpm
8.00 mile0:52'38"6'32" /mile159 bpm
9.00 mile0:59'16"6'35" /mile133 bpm
10.00 mile1:05'57"6'40" /mile137 bpm
11.00 mile1:12'32"6'32" /mile168 bpm
12.00 mile1:19'06"6'32" /mile139 bpm
13.00 mile1:25'45"6'37" /mile148 bpm
14.00 mile1:32'30"6'43" /mile- bpm
15.00 mile1:39'02"6'29" /mile189 bpm
16.00 mile1:45'41"6'37" /mile198 bpm
17.00 mile1:52'19"6'37" /mile196 bpm
18.00 mile1:58'53"6'32" /mile206 bpm
19.00 mile2:05'25"6'31" /mile200 bpm
20.00 mile2:12'13"6'45" /mile- bpm
21.00 mile2:18'50"6'34" /mile164 bpm
22.00 mile2:25'16"6'24" /mile153 bpm
23.00 mile2:32'15"6'56" /mile175 bpm
24.00 mile2:39'30"7'14" /mile179 bpm
25.00 mile2:46'13"6'40" /mile186 bpm
26.00 mile2:53'15"7'01" /mile180 bpm
26.03 mile2:53'25"4'49" /mile- bpm