Training: 28th November 2016 - 1st Jan 2017

As I mentioned in my write up, I was reminded by Ben FP at 34k that I wasn't allowed to run for 2 weeks after the Florence marathon. So you can guess that the first bit of Nov/Dec is not going to look very exciting in the training log. It gets better after that though.

28th - 4th Dec
Complete week off . No running. I did a 20min yoga for runners session on the 1st Dec and some stretching every day....ok most days.
I was sad not to be running as part of Advent Running but this one was all about playig the long game. Also, it was chance to spend more time with friends and family in the run up to Christmas and eat whatever I liked! 
Recovery wise I felt fine. I had tight hamstrings on the Monday and Tuesday but stairs were fine. By Friday I definitely felt like I could have run. It's weird but I felt much more tires and stiff after Berlin even though it was slower. I wonder if it was the pancake-flat relentless-ness of it?

5th - 18th Dec
Another week off. My heart rate was still pretty high compared to normal (I've noticed it's still higher than it was now that I'm getting back into training)
By the Saturday I was in desperate need of something to let off steam so I went for a swim for 20mins.

12th - 18th Dec
I'll admit I was hoping to be back running by week 3 but there's no point having a coach if you don't follow their plan...
Monday - Rest day or light yoga / gym class - I did a rest day.
Tuesday - I begged Ben FP to let me have a little run as I had the day off with Mr B. So, with coach-approval we did 30mins round the block. Then Mr B challenged me to a race on the last lap. I suspect this would not have been approved! Also, Mr B won. He was very happy. I will let you draw your own judgements.
Wednesday - 20mins Swim
Thursday - 45 Mins easy cross training  -  20mins recumbent bike, 15mins cross trainer, 10 mins upright bike.
Friday - Rest
Saturday - 30mins VERY easy run - did 35 mins and just easy-ish (oops) 4.7miles, 7'31/mi. 
Sunday - Should have been 45mins brisk walk. Wasn't!

19th - 25th Dec
Monday  - 60 mins easy - Got overxcited and did 1hr 40 and 12.3 miles - 8'07/mi 159bpm
Tuesday - Gym session - Weights plus core circuit (new routine - more soon)
Wednesday - 40 mins easy 5.6 miles, 7'18/mi, 164bpm
Thursday - Rest
Friday - 30mins Body weight conditioning session at home. Did this in bits throughout the day as was back with extended family for Christmas (more on the session soon)
Saturday - 60mins easy - gorgeous run round the country lanes in Yorkshire. 7.5miles, 8'00/mi, 176bpm
Sunday - Rest day - Christmas!

26th - 1st Jan
Monday - 60mins easy - round the Yorkshire hills and lanes again. Bliss. 7.8 miles, 7'53/mi
Tuesday - WU, 4x 6 mins Steady, 4 mins threshold off 90s, CD - Back in London and trying to find off road and hills to test myself.
1= 7'06, 6'29 / mi
2= 7'15, 6'19  /mi
3= 7'11, 7'11/mi (!)
4= 6'41, 6'32 / mi
9.7 miles in total
Wednesday  -  Gyms session 2 (more soon) + core
Thursday - Rest day - did 20mins easy swim
Friday - 60 mins easy - 7.6 miles
Saturday - Park run - Not the PB I would quite have liked. Ah well...
WU = 2.2 miles, 7'4/mi, 160bpm
ParkRun - 5k, 20:27 (1st lady, 6th OA) 177bpm 6'39/mi
CD - 2.5 miles, 8'04/mi, 184bpm
Sunday - 30mins bodyweight conditioning