Training: 16th - 22nd Jan 2017

Monday - 60mins easy
The hilly route as usual on a monday.

Pace: 8'11/mi 155bpm
Miles: 11.4

Tuesday - 60 minutes strength (session 1) / Track (8x800 off 90s)
Deadlift 30kg (only 10 on the last set), 20kg Lunge, 30-32.5kg Squat
Ran to track (fell over on the way!)
Track felt good, band on pace and not busting a gut.

Pace: to track - 8'43/mi + track was 800s at 3mins per lap.
Miles: 15.4

Wednesday - 60 easy (hilly route)
Pace: 9'11/mi
Miles: 9.9

Thursday - Rest day
Ended up doing a quick run with Mr B and then swimming for 45mins in the evening.
Pace: 7'13/mi 161bom

Friday - 60 mins strength
Did Adidas Runners hill session in the morning and the strength after work
Split squat 20-25kg, glutebridge 20-24kg, Squat 32.5kg)
Pace: Varied
Miles: 6.4

Saturday - 75mins easy run including 10x 1min at 90% 1 min easy in the middle
Done as a run into town so there was some dodging of pedestrians. BUT it was great to get a reasonable sized session in again. Finished with some easy loops around Primrose hill. I'm trying to get hills in whenever I can.

Sunday - 30 mins conditioning
Done in two parts as we were travelling to the in-laws.

Total miles: 57.1