Training Log: 9th - 22nd Oct 2017

Monday 9th, Tuesday 10th, Wednesday 11th
Nothing - walking and that's it. Recovery time. Would have maybe gone swimming but couldn't fit it in. Really wanted to run.
Thursday 12th - Easy conditioning for 20mins
Finding something to do!
Friday 13th - A little easy run
Felt fine
Stats: 43:34 , 4.9mi, 8:50/mi, 145bpm

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 22.18.09.png

Saturday 14th - Short Easy Run
Stats: 28:30, 3.3mi, 8'29/mi, 150bpm
Sunday 15th
Nowt. Because the chance to miss bodyweight conditioning is too good. Also I am going to need to adjust it.

Now, Mr B is taking over with Ben FP for a while so I'm making my own plan a bit but still keeping in touch every week. So we've agreed track every week is a good thing to have in, just until it's not possible. And maybe some fun intervals. I'm also making myself to 2 x 12 reps of some kind of conditioning every night but I need to get a new circuit I think, other wise I'll be super slack!

Monday 16th - Easy run to work  + home again
Stats: 6.5mi, 56:36, 8:36/mi, 147bpm + 6.8mi, 1:00:52, 8:56/mi, 149bpm
Yey, I can still do a double run!

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 22.18.49.png

Tuesday 17th - Easy run to work
Stats: 6.5mi, 55:18, 8:25/mi, 143bpm

Wednesday 18th - Rest day
Was feeling very lethargic yesterday so gave myself a rest day today on the basis that I wouldn't normally have a run in the plan on a Weds. Was hoping to get to the gym but work was crazy. THAT's why running is so useful - it fits in so easy!

Thursday 19th - Easy Run to work
Stats: 6.5mi,  53:34, 8:11/mi, 148bpm

Friday 20th - Run to post office + 5x hill repeats
Stats: 4.5mi,  39:43, 8:40/mi, 148bpm

Saturday 21st - Easy run with Steve
A rather crammed in run before heading off to our church away day. Off round the reservoir again. Nice to chat and run together

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 22.22.38.png

Stats: 6.4mi, 55:44, 8:35/mi, 149bpm

Sunday 22nd - 10 min conditioning (Lunges, goblet squat, Glute Bridge)