Training Log: 1st - 7th Jan 2018

A bit of an eventful week, baby wise. Well, not actually eventful.. let me explain (skip this bit if yo'u're bored. I wouldn't blame you).
I hadn't felt pummeled to quite the normal level, so despite my concern at being neurotic, we went to get it checked at the hospital. All was totally fine -he'd just moved so I couldn't feel it as much. However, the midwife though my bump looked small and indeed it measured small (which my normal midwife had said was fine because of my health and build). But to be sure (which I'm grateful for) she booked me in for an emergency growth scan in a couple of days and said I have to come back for checks every day in between. So, I did that on Tues and Weds and the scan on Thurs said that he's totally normal size... except he has a big, fat, off the chart belly. This *sometimes* means Gestational diabetes. So, despite being outside all the risk factors, I had to go back the next day for a glucose test. This involves not eating anything from midnight until 9.15am when I had a blood test, was given a very sugary drink and then had to wait in the waiting room 2 hrs before another blood test. After which they released me. 

Unexpected plus sides of marathon running - you are able to stomach sugary substances on an empty stomach without being ill. Apparently it's quite common for the test to make people feel nauseous, but it seems that taking gels near the end of a race is great practice!

Aaaanyway. It all came back clear, so he's just a fatty. He better breath in when the big day comes. Yikes! 

In the midst of all this, Mr B did a mini hamstring test. It was ok ... but we shall see. 

Monday 1st - NEW YEAR's DAY!
Ran off  the relief after heartrate thing was ok.
4.0mi, 34:30, 8:37/mi, 155bpm

Tuesday 2nd - Rest day
Had to be in work super early and was busy visiting birthing unit in evening and was pooped from NYE

Weds 3rd
5.0mi, 43:22, 8:35/mi, 150bpm

Thursday 4th - Afternoon run after scan in the morning
3.9mi, 35:03, 8'52/mi, 162bpm

Friday 5th - Starting run with Mr B to test hamstring and then carrying on a bit. Stopping myself feeling hungry before Glucose test.
Me: 3.2 mi, 28:14, 8'40/mi, 150bpm
Mr B: 15:37, 1.8mi

Sat 6th - Woke up early anyway.. 
Back via shops to buy eggs and bacon. Felt really good for the first 4 miles.
4.8 mi, 40:06, 8'19/mi, 150bpm

Sunday 7th - The late sun was too beautiful not to get out in it

golden sun.JPG

Also, I was fueled by Nandos
5mi, not sure of pace - 8'24 for first 3 miles, then watch died and phone was rubbish

Total miles:
Me - 26.1.
Mr B - 1.8