Training Log: 18th - 24th Dec 2017

Monday 18th: Me - Easy AM and another easy PM // Mr B - Easy 40
I was meeting a friend for a rather large dinner after work so I enjoyed a little double day to work up an appetite!
Mr B cut short his run to 3 miles before coaching the youth. His hamstring is still sore and it was cold which didn't help.
Me - AM : 3.2mi, 28:56, 8:49/mi, 155bpm? PM: 3.9mi, 34:46, 8:42/mi, 176bpm
Mr B - 3.0mi, 23:41, 7:49/mi 155bpm??? 

Tuesday 19th - Both: Track = 5x1500 off 100s

Back to track after a week's break and these reps are getting meaty! It was an early session before we went off for our athletics club christmas curry. One of the track coaches noted that since getting pregnant, the issue which may have exacerbated my piriformis issue - a wonky knee and flailing foot on the RHS - has stopped and I not run straight. Win!
Mr B had to pull up half way into his 4th rep as his hamstring was getting worse. He's been told to take the next week and a bit off and only swim or gym. This is sad because we were hoping to run together in Derbyshire over Christmas but it's worth playing the long game.
Me - Tube to track: 1.7mi,16:58, 9:31/m, 144bpm  + track was 4.7 miles
Track splits:
Me - 6:44 (7'16/mi) , 6:32 (7'04/mi), 6:31 (7'00/mi), 6:33 (7'05), 6:24 (7'05)
Mr B - 5:57 (6'12/mi), 5:43 (6'00/mi), 5:41 (5'58/mi), then half a rep 

Wednesday 20th: Me - 25 mins bodyweight conditioning // Mr B - 30mins conditioning cancelled due to hammy
Hmm... my heels both sore! That's never happened before. Need to watch that

Thursday 21st: Me - Easy (obv) //  Mr B : Should be 3 x 12 minutes Kenyan Hills with a 90 second recovery between sets but cancelled

Sprout Boy Advent Running

In the dark, round the streets, post work blast for me.
Me  - 3.2mi, 25:48, 8:02/mi 138bpm
Mr B - 16 lengths

Friday 22nd: Me - Easy run before travelling to stay in Derbyshire before Christmas // Mr B - Should have been an easy run but replaced with swimming
Mr B noted how much hard work swimming is. So true... I really should do more but it's such a faff to organise. Running is so much less hassle.
3.2mi, 29:29, 9:01/mi, 144bpm
Mr B - 16 lengths

Saturday 23rd - Me: 30mins easy // Mr B - should have been 75 mins easy Include 10 x (1 minute at 90%, 1 minute Easy) in the middle  but change to a rest day (and physio excercises)

Wirksworth view runner advent running

We have rented a house with my family for Christmas in Derbyshire so I went exploring while the others were waking up. Including an attempted run up the steepest hill I've experienced in a long time. Needless to say I walked a good section. I also had a nice chat with the lady at the corner shop who had seen me running back and forth (I tend to do lots of little out and backs at the moment for safety's sake)
Me - 3.4mi, 33:15, 9:38/mi, 164bpm

Sunday 24th: Me - // Mr B - should be 30mins conditioning

Wreath and trainers christmas running

More festive exploring in the hilly environs of Wirksworth

Me - 3.2mi, 29:33, 9:00/mi, 149bpm
Mr B - Physio Excercises

Total miles:
Me - 27 miles
Mr B -  6.2 miles