Training Log: 25th - 31st Dec 2017

In Derbyshire with the family until Thursday PM. I asked BenFP if I was allowed to tempt Mr B out for a Christmas day run, but he is still resting the hamstring so I promised I wouldn't be bad-wife and guilt him into coming with me. Oh, also Wirksworth is hilly. Well, that's my slowness excuse... and not the extra weight of 31 weeks and a lot of Christmas snacks! Also, we've found the Aspire Leisure centre in stanmore which is part of the Orthopedi hospital. It has a lovely pool, which is always very warm in order to aid rehab... which is rather nice!

Monday 25th
Rest Day

Tuesday 26th
3.2mi, 29:54 ,9:09/mi, 152bpm

Wednesday 27th
Fetching the papers and bringing balance to the breakfast table with the Guardian vs the Telegraph

3.0mi, 28:32, 9:18/mi, 156 bpm



Thursday 28th
Chasing the setting sun...
3.2mi, 29:32, 9:12/mi, 147bpm



Friday 29th
30min swimming with Mr B

Saturday 30th
6.3mi, 56:56, 9:01/mi, 164bpm

Sunday 31st
30mins bodyweight conditioning

Total Mileage:
Me = 15.8 + 30 mins swimming
Mr B = 0 + 30mins swimming