Training Log: 22nd -28th Jan 2018

Monday 22nd: Me – Day-off longer(!) run // Mr B – Rest and physio excercises

Me - 6.30mi , 56:10 8:55/mi, 151 bpm
Mr B -

Tues 23rd: Me - Track - 2x 6x600 off 65s with 5mins in middle // Mr B – 10WU, 8 x 1:30 on (85-90% effort) with 1 min Steady Jog Recovery, 2 minutes Recovery, 10 x 1 min on (90%+ effort) with 1 min Easy Jog Recovery, 10 CD

Harrow Athletics Track

I was nervous about going back to track after the elongated Christmas break, but glad I did. Took the middle rep off so I could do the rest (everyone else did 13x600)

Me – 5.37miles, [2:40,2:31,2:32,2:36,2:33,2:35, // 2:39,2:33,2:36,2:39,2:37,2:33 per 600m]
Mr B – 8.15miles, 1:04:04

Wed 24th: Me – Rest day // Mr B – 60 minutes Easy Run (if you are feeling a bit tired, take the day as a rest day)

Me – Rest day
Mr B –Rest day

Thu 25th : Me- Morning 5k // Mr B –10WU, 20 minutes at Threshold, 10CD
Wasn’t feeling this one at all. Found it proper hard going even after the day off. Maybe because of it.

Mr B’s included a 6:50 and 7 min mile in the middle.

35 weeks pregnant runner

Me - 3.34mi, 30:45, 9:11/mi, 145bpm
Mr B -5.75mi, 00:42:37,

Fri 26th : Me – 5 miles WFH // Mr B –Rest + Physio excercises
Felt much better than yesterday! Wasn’t sure if I’d do the full  5 but the light was lovely and it was nice to be out, if still sluggish. Going to take 2 rest days.

pregnant shadow

Me - 5.12mi, 45:49 , 8:56/m 150bpm
Mr B – Rest day

Sat 27th : Me - Rest // Mr B –135 minutes Easy / Steady Long Run
Went to check out a car in Stockwell. Mr B ran home. Didn't have any bonking issues. HurraH!

Me - rest
Mr B -17.73 miles, 2:18:17 , 7:48/mi, 170bpm

Sun 28th : Me - rest Mr B  - physio excercises

Total Miles: 
Me – 20. 23
Mr B – 31.3