Training Log: 19 - 25th Feb 2018

Mon 19th: Me - 5 mins core rehab // Mr B - Pilates

Tues 20th: Me - nothing // Mr B - Track

Mr B still felt the Saturday half marathon in his legs and was finding it tough against the wind, so stopped after 6x1000
1000s in 3'49, 3'45, 3'42, 3'50, 3'45, 3'45, 3'55

Weds 21st: Me - 5 mins core rehab // Mr B - should have been 45 mins easy, postponed to Thurs

Thurs 22nd : Me - 5 mins core rehab // Mr B - AM 10WU, 10,8,6,4,2 minutes at Threshold with a 2 minute jog recovery, 10 CD (uphill), PM Easy run home (from yesterday)

I got mr B to send a photo of his run... so he sent me one of him waving his sweaty feet at his long suffering colleague! This was his first day back at work

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 14.42.51.png

Friday 23rd: Me - nothing // Mr B - Rest day

Saturday 24th: Mr B- Should have been long run but postponed to tomorrow

Mr B's long run was postponed due to a broken night of sleep and an sfternoon spent playing football with some fantasy football legends! He also got whacked in the thigh while being in goal.

Sunday 25th: Mr B- 120 minute Long Run; First 60 minutes Easy, Last 60 minutes at Marathon Pace (postponed from yesterday)

Mr B's thigh was a bit niggly but didn't slow him down. He says the run felt good, though might have overdone it a bit. The last hour was much hillier.
15.72mi, 2:00:02, 7:38/mi, 160bpm

Total miles:
Me - various, walking
Mr B - 32.8