Training Log: 26th Feb - 4th March 2018

Monday 26th - Me: Nothing //Mr B - Rest day
Snow!  Mr B's parents are staying and we were meant to go into central London to meet friends but the weather was too unpredictable, so we went and met Mr B for a stodgy pub lunch instead.

Tuesday 27th - Me: Power walk to supermarket // Mr B: Track - 7 x 1100 off 85s

Harrow AC Track Tuesday Athletics Winter

This lovely bunch insisted that Mr B take a photo so that I'd have something to post and not feel left out. I love these guys (and the gals when they aren there). They bought Monty a present and a card too. The fact that my Advent Running mates have been so keen to visit and the way my Harrow AC crew have supported me in running through pregnancy and now in the next phase just goes to show what a lovely bunch runners are. Oh, and it was flipping freezing and windy so standing around for a photo can't have been fun.

1100s in 4'29, 4'06, 4'07, 4 '07, 4'03, 4'04, 3'54

Wednesday 28th - Me: 30min walk & squats // Mr B: 45 mins or rest day (moved easy run to tomorrow)

Still snowing too.

Thursday 1st - Me: 45min walk & 5 mins core // Mr B: AM 10min WU Up, 2 x 13 minutes at Threshold effort with a 120 second recovery, 10 min CD, PM Easy run home

Despite it blowing an icy gale and snowing, Mr B was a real man and did his session anyway, uphill, into the wind, on snow. Now that's commitment.

running in the snow

Friday 2nd - Me: 30min walk // Mr B - Rest day

And more snow...

Saturday 3rd - Me: core rehab and the NHS post Preggo yoga session /Mr B - 150 minute Long Run; First 75 minutes Easy, Second 75 minutes at Marathon Pace

Mr B days: "Left run until late afternoon. Easy run was fine but second half felt very tired/sleepy. Managed to put in a few faster miles but crashed in last 15 minutes. Feel not too bad after. Massage tomorrow with Hannah.

Mr B - 02:30:11, 19.3 miles, av pace 7'47, av HR, 165bpm

Sunday 4th - Me: rest day and massage //Mr B: rest day and massage

Mr B and I treated ourselves to a massage - cannot recommend Hannah Stobbs enough - great value, *very* knowledgeable, an athlete herself, loads of experience and comes to your house. She's on Urban Massage but it's better to go direct via (no I'm not on commission, I just think she's ace)