Training Log: 11th - 17th Dec 2017

Monday 11th - Snow day!
Mr B Should have been  going for an easy 40 but it was too icey so it was a snow day for both of us.

Tuesday 12th - Should have been Track - 5x 1500 but it was cancelled due to being too icey.
Mr B managed to do an easy 30 and I was in the centre of town where it was largely melted, so I pottered around Regent's Park after work.
Me -  5.1mi 43:55,8:33/m, 177bpm,
Mr B - 3.6mi, 30:35,  8:23/mi, 155bpm

Wednesday 13th: Me - Easy Run, Mr B - 30 mins conditioning
Me - 3.3mi, 30:22 ,9:11/mi, 154bpm
Mr B -  30Mins conditioning

Thursday 14th: Me - Cross Training // Mr B - 10 WU, 20 x 1min Hard, 1min easy, 10CD - Hard should start at 80% (threshold) and the last few you want to be running around 95%, top end 5k.

Most likes on instagram in ages - the internet loves a bump, apparently!

Most likes on instagram in ages - the internet loves a bump, apparently!

I could have run but thought it wiser to cross-train and also it meant more time in bed! I really enjoyed the little pushes on the bike. It was nice to put a bit of effort in.
Mr B did his session straight from the car in the dark around Regents Park so his slightly angry hamstring and the lack of being able to see made it not much fun, which is a shame - it's a nice session.
Me -  20 Bike (10 WU, 5x 1 hard 1 easy, CD), 15 treadmill, 15 Cross Trainer, 10 bike
Mr B - 6.8mi,52:54, 7:43/mi OA, 156bpm

Friday 15th: Me - Adidas Runners LDN interval session // Mr B - 30 mins recovery run

Adidas Ultra Boost unlaced pink trainers

I do miss not being able to make social running sessions as much these days. Slightly due to work being really busy, slightly due to needing more time in bed and slightly due to not being able to do the distance / effort! So, it was really nice to be able to join the Adidas Runners crew for the last Friday session and catch up with friends. I wasn't able to run at full pelt obviously but my intervals partner was very gracious. It was fascinating though how may people wanted to ask about running whilst pregnant. Guys as well as ladies. Maybe time for an "ask me anything"? What do you think?
Me -  Run to tube - 0.9mi, 8:47 9:04/ Adidas Intervals - 4.9mi, 41:48 , 8:24/m, 161bpm
Mr B -  3.6mi, 31:11 , 8:35/mi, 150bpm

Saturday 16th: Me - post Christmas shopping lethargy buster // Mr B Should have been long run but postponed until tomorrow - sleep time & physio excercises
We went to Brent Cross to try and get some bits but has limited time and it was fairly stressful. It was grey and drizzly when we got back and the last thing either of us wanted to do was run but I knew I'd feel better, so out I went. Mr B had a hefty long run to do though and running that sort of run when you know you're tired isn't such a smart move, so he postponed until tomorrow.
Me - 5.1mi , 43:52 , 8:33/mi 139bpm

Sunday 17th: Me - Should have been 30mins conditioning //  Mr B - 100 minutes Long Run; Pick up last 20 minutes to a Steady Effort Level (e.g parkrun)
We were out early for church and then had aquick turn around to go out for another carol service with friends in the evening and I just couldn't make myself do the conditioning session when I got home. First missed day of Advent Running's 30mins a day challenge. Boo!
Mr B ran home from church but it was cold and chucking it down and his hamstring was sore while he was running, which is a new development and not a good one.
Mr B -  12.3mi, 1:39:51, 8:06/mi, 151bpm

Total miles:
Me - 22.3 miles
Mr B - 26.4 miles