Training Log: 8th- 14th Jan 2018

Monday 8th  - Rest Day // Mr B - 12 minutes Easy, 12 minutes Steady, 12 minutes Easy
This week is the culmination of a many-year project at work so it was a very early start and definitely a rest day!
Mr B did a little bit of effort work as guided by BenFP and it all seems ok on the hamstring front
Mr B - 4.5mi, 36:02

Tuesday 9th: Me - PM run in the dark  // Mr B - Physio exercises

33 weeks pregnant runner

Early start again but back earlier than expected so went straight out. Mr B is signed off track and an easy run around home was as much as I could muster to we skived the 20x400m session
Me - 5mi, 40:25, 8'04/mi, 141bpm

Weds 10th: Me - Pre work run // Mr B - 10 minutes Warm Up, 6 x 3 minutes at Threshold effort with a 90 second recovery, 10 minutes Cool Down
Mr B said.."Hamstring fine after running but complaining with driving in evening more than it has been recently. Lower right back feeling tight when running - will swap trainers for long run"

Me - 37:12, 9'09/mi, 145bpm
Mr B - 5.96miles, 48:05

Thursday 11th: Me- Rest day // Mr B - Physio exercises
Big day - we switch BBC1 over to all new playout systems today. So, no running... just an early start and a celebratory trip to the Bang Bang Oriental Food Hall in the evening

Friday 12th: Me - AM and PM run! The project is complete! // Mr B - Run to and from work (swapped from Saturday long run as hes on a Weekend of Men!)

runcommute salomon trail 20 rucksack

So, it's all done and it was a much less stressful week than I was expecting. i was assuming I'd barely run this week, but given that I was so close to my 20mile p/w target I thought it'd be rude not to try..

Mr B thought the hamstring was getting worse towards the end of his morning run, but then on the way home he was tired but the hammy was fine. Fingers crossed.
MeAM 3.3 i, 29:15, 8'41/mi, 147bpm + PM 5mi, 45:59, 9'09.mi, 162bpm
Mr B - AM 5.0mi, 41:51, 8'18/mi, 165bpm + PM 5.0 mi, 40:08, 7'59/mi, 154bpm

Sat 13th - AM run via paper-shop // Mr B - rest day (weekend with his mates)
I had planned to run in the evening to allow more recovery after the double yesterday as the balls of my feet are aching, but I woke up at 6:30, so I made "superhero muffins" and then went out to get the paper via a detour to make 3 miles. Was much less uncomfortable than I was expecting.
Me - 3.0 mi, 26:45, 8'46/mi, 163bpm

Sunday 14th - will be either a rest day, or conditioning work if I can beat myself into it. Legs are feeling rather leaden though!


Total miles:
Me- 20.5
Mr B - 20.4