Training Log: 15th- 21st Jan 2018

Monday 15th: Me- Post work and pre Christians In Sport event run round Regents Park // Mr B - should have been 15 easy, 15 steady, 15 easy but was done yesterday as weather was bad in the morning. Physio Exercises instead
I was shattered after a few rubbish nights sleep and a busy weekend but trying to wake myself up so I could stay in town for a brilliant event put on by Christians In Sport. It was rather a slog going round the park in the rain and cold, and the heart rate reflects how rough I felt, but I felt better for it. The heart rate reflects how rough I felt. I did fall asleep on the sofa as soon as I got home though!

Me - 6.0mi, 56:04, 9'16/mi, 184bpm
Mr B -n/a

Tuesday 16th: Me - Steady post-work run // Mr B - Should have been Physio Exercises but did Weds session of 10min WU, 9x3mins threshold off 90s recovery, 10min CD

Pregnant runner 24 weeks pregnant

I had a lie-in in the morning as it was needed and had a rough plan to run in the evening when I got back from work. I have to get in, straight upstairs, change and get out again, otherwise the motivation goes. I'm such a morning runner. After yesterday's slog I was expecting it to be horrific but I suddenly felt a lightness I've not felt in a long time and managed a 7:38 mile in the middle of the 5k, which these days is unheard of!!
Mr B is still signed off track and I just lack the oomph to go all the way over and get back late on my own at the moment. I want to go some more before the hitch-hiker shows his face though, for my pride's sake if nothing else! He did his 3x9min threshold as a run commute to work and hit some good pace, despite having a rucksack.

Me - 3.0 miles (actually more but had a watch fail), 24:26, 8'03/mi, 182bpm
Mr B - 6.4 miles, 52:42

Weds 17th: Me - Lunchbreak WFH run // Mr B - should have been the 9x3min threshold but physio exercises instead
I had a scan in the morning (all fine - still a fatty and 5lb 8oz already....yikes!) so worked from home and went out during a brief glimmer of sunshine in my lunch break. Heart rate back to a more normal level today!

Me - 3.9 miles, 35:11, 8'35/mi, 164bpm

Thurs 18th: Me - morning 5k loop+ // Mr B - WU, 2 x 10min threshold, CD
It was howling an absolute gale overnight, so not the best sleep and a very windy run, but I do rather like running in gusty winds. It's rather freeing. 
Mr B says "Straight out of bed to run so struggled to get to a good pace. And very windy. Hamstring ok."

stormy skies morning after

Me - 3.9 miles, 35:25, 8'52/mi, 166bpm
Mr B - 5.1, 40:59


Friday 19th: Me - Post-work 5k to hit my target 20miles // Mr B - Physio Exercises
I've been trying to hit 20mile weeks since I dropped down abruptly from 50/40miles back in the tail end of November. It gives me something to aim for and keeps me motivated, though I'm also consciousI need to not become a slave to it which I have tendency to do. Anyway, A quick turnaround after work and Mr B offering to cook tea meant I could dash out and get the 20miles banked and give the legs a good 2 day rest over the weekend.

Saturday 20th: Me - rest day (NCT class and wedding) // Mr B - should be 90 mins Long easy.steady but postponed to Sunday due to wedding and bad weather

Sunday 21st: Me - 30mins bodyweight conditioning // Mr B - 90 min easy / steady long run
Mr B was getting up to do his run and I'd woken up at 5:45 anyway being internally 

Mr B - 11.8 mi, 1:30:09, 7'35/mi, 159bpm

Total Miles: 
Me - 20.3
Mr B - 23.4