Training Log: 2nd - 8th April

Mon 2nd - Me: Me - 30 mins swim half breastroke half front crawl // Mr B:  2hrs 30 - half easy, half MP
It was an absolute stinker of a day weather wise. Mr B even came back in the switchover from easy to MP to change his shoes and socks because they were so wet. But, he got it done and at 3:15 pace too. woop!

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 16.17.49.pngdrown

Mr B - Total miles = 19.02
Easy = 8.95mi, 8'14/mi, 158 bpm
MP = 10.07mi, 7'27/mi, 174bpm

Tues 3rd - Me: Rest Day //`Mr B: Rest Day

Wed 4th - Me: 30 mins power walk 10% inc, 3mph + 30mins swim  // Mr B - 1 hr Pilates
Testing out my new toy before my next physio appointment. It felt really easy but then when I came to swim in the afternoon I was really tired and my form on the breaststroke must have been bad as my back ached afterwards. I thought it was going to stay like that but it was fine by the evening.
Me - 15 mins, 0.82 miles, 127bpm

Thur 5th -Me: // 30 mins power walk with a little test jog // Mr B: 10 minutes Warm Up, 4 x 10 minutes with a 90 second recovery, 10 minutes Cool Down - Alternate between Threshold and marathon Pace (1,3 at Threshold, 2,4 at Marathon Pace) 

Mr B total = 56:26 6.94miles
1 Th = 7:08 /mi, 168bpm
2 MP = 8:09/mi, 164bpm
3 Th = 7'16/mi, 170bpm
4 MP = 7:41/mi, 166bpm

Me - 29:22, 2.27 miles, 140bpm

Fri 6th - Me : Physio +c25k day 1 - 5 min WU, 6x 1min jog (10mph), 1"30 walk - 2% inc, 10min CD // Mr B: Rest day

The physio appointment went well, though I had to explain that I wasn’t going back again as I can’t afford it (it’s £100 a session). Even though I do really value it, it’s a lot of money to spend on a hobby which already has plenty of costs and there didn’t seem to be a specific end point. I guess this must be frustrating for physios as I suspect they can only do so much in short session and consistent appointments would reap proper reward. I suppose it’s like getting a running coach and only having 3 weeks with them and expecting results. But, we have to make these judgement calls about being wise with money and I think this has given me what I need for the moment. So, armed with a “yes it’s going well” regarding my pelvic floor examination and some new physio excercises to help build and repair that and the core, I plough on. I shall keep up those kegels and who knows, full bladder control may be in my future! I’m sort of joking, it’s not nearly as bad as some people have told me they experienced and no worse than during pregnancy, but certainly still a concern.

Anyway, enough about my movements of the internal kind and onto movements of the running kind…

I decided that C25K was a sensible place to start as it’s only 30min 3 x a week so it’ll help get my into a routine. Also it will tell me to do walking breaks and build me up gradually which should hopefully rein me in. Also, I know my sister is doing it, so it’l be nice to do together. I’ll supplement it with swimming, physio and home strengthening exercised and if I can get out for other little runs and I’m feeling good then I will try to be sensible but I’ll find it hard to resist.

This first session was fun - it didn’t drag at all but it did shock me when I found out that my run pace which felt pretty high effort level was 10min/mi.

Me - 00:30:00, 2.15miles

Sat 7th - Me: 5k loop - sort of 1:30run, 1min walk Av 9'12/mi OA, 141bpm // Mr B: 100 minute Long Run; Pick up middle 70 minutes to Marathon Pace
Mr B found it hard to get the legs going today - I think we were both a bit sleep deprived and he had a headache in the afternoon so probably generally under the weather… aaah taper crazies!


on cloudflow in dawn / jade

I was pretty wrecked but, converse to what you might think, this made me want to get out even more and though I should really be doing every other day, Mr B tagged me out so I could get some headspace and fresh air in the late afternoon. I was meant to be going alternating run walk but I went through some of the intervals because I didn’t want to walk. I am breaking my own wisdom-rules already. Hmm… but it was good for the brain

Mr B - 1:35:02, 12.23mi, 7’46 average over all, 165bpm
Me - 30:12, 3.28mi, 9’12/mi OA, 141bpm 

Sun 8th: Me -  30min Physio resistance exercises and  Strength & conditioning // Mr B - rest I’ve been given some resistance band work by the physio and spent the rest of the time doing some of my preggo S&C session and some heel raises as I still have that weird twinge in the heel from the start of pregnancy.

Total Miles:
Mr B - 43.2
Me - 8.5