Training Log: 30th Oct - 5th Nov 2017

More miles than last week and a teeny bit of threshold work, but also a painful heel and feeling zonked on Thursday morning. I honestly thought on Thurs AM that this was it and I wouldn't be able to runcommute anymore but the run home was fab, so onwards I go!

finishing line

Monday 30th - Me: Easy Run // Mr B: 30 minutes Recovery Run at Track with the HAC kids
Had a hospital scan so was running from  home. Could have gone further. Ran out of time.
Mr B has started helping out with the middle distance Junior training at Harrow AC so he was off with them. They sound like a lovely bunch and I'd love to help too but I can't get there in time.
Oh, and the scan was all good. Baby Boy Bland showed everything we needed him to and appears to be fit and healthy.

Me: 8.3mi , 1:07:28 , 8:05/mi, 149bpm
Him: 2.8 mi

Tuesday 31st - Both: Track - 9x900 off 80s

pregnant runner

I also ran to work and from tube to track. Was feeling ROUGH at the start of track but made it through (albeit slowly) and enjoyed it, as always.Mr B found it better this week to... he's getting faster all the time!

Run to work - 6.5mi, 59:18, 9:02/mi  
Tube to Track 2.8mi , 21:13m, n/a (watch fail but about 9'20/mi!) 146bpm  
Track = 9x900s off 80s
Me:   3:53, 3:37, 3:35, 3:37, 3:36, 3:38, 3:41,3:39,3:34
Him: 3:19, 3:18, 3:17, 3:20, 3:18, 3:20, 3:21, 3:23, 3:20

Wednesday 1st - Me: Easy + conditioning // Mr B: Rest Day
Decided not to do the easy run as by heel was feeling painful when going downstairs. It's on the side at the top, so not classic achilles area. I think it's just pulled a bit. Did the 30min conditioning though.

Thursday 2nd -  Both (planned): 10 minutes Warm Up, 8 x 3 minutes at Threshold effort with a 60 second recovery, 10 minutes Cool Down + Easy run home for Mr B
I decided I needed a bit longer for the heel and was tired so changed my plan to  do an easy runcommute home instead. It was the right decision. I thought it was going to be cold, dark and horrible when I set off but it was perfect weather and I ended up doing 10miles. Heel fine too I'll save the threshold for tomorrow.
Mr B enjoyed his first ever run-session on the way to work and his first double day too.

Me: Easy run home 10.3mi, 1:29:14, 8:37/mi, 140bpm (not sure about bpm as always seems to default to 140)
Him: AM 6.4mi, 53:05, 8'16/mi average (thresholds not available) 194bpm + PM 5mi, 42:43, 8'31/mi,  173bpm

Friday 3rd - Me: 8x3min threshold off 60s (from yesterday)// Mr B: Rest day
Nearly potted out of the thresholds 4 into it but glad I didn't. It's really nice to have something to focus on. I wasn't looking at my watch at all. We drove up to Rotherham in the evening.
6.2mi , 48:45 , 7:47/mi
Thresholds: 6’42 155bpm / 6’50 154bpm / 6’39 163bpm / 6’45 159bpm / 6’12 162bpm / 6’37 153 bpm / 6’51 156bpm / 6’49 152bpm

Saturday 4th - Me: What I can of his session // Mr B: 95 minutes Long Run; Pick up last 20 minutes to a Steady Effort Level
It was raining in the morning and my preference would always be to go out first thing but it's not about me and Mr B doesn't like running in the rain or first thing. Since he was kind enough to drag me round, I was going with him whenever he was going, which was 11:30am. The Yorkshire countryside never fails to inspire (and kill me with its hills!) but given that I was wondering if I could do 30mins when I started, I'm glad I did go with him. Mid morning runs

wentworth woodhouse

Me: 8.7mi, 1:11:59 , 8:23ish - GPS fail, 148bpm
Him: 11.5mi, 1:34:32, 8:12/mi Av, 181bpm

Sunday 5th - Me: Nothing as church and then straight to work for late shift // Mr B: 30mins conditioning

Total weekly miles:

Me - 50.3
Mr B - 31.9