Training Log: 20th - 26th Nov 2017

Mon 20th - Me: Easy 30 // Mr B 40 Mins Easy Run and Stretch
Glad to be back running after 3 days off. Determined to be sensible and leave myself wanting more.
Mr B did 25 mins at track pre-kids coaching session and  10 mins with the  kids (some a bit fast!)
Me 3.5mi ,28:23 ,7:56/mi, 157bpm
Mr B - 4.5 m, 45:00

Tues 21st - Both : Track = 6x 1200m off 90s

Pregnant Runner Track Tuesday

Me - 5:07,5:04,5:03,5:07,5:09,5:03  5.7miles, 41:52
Mr B - 4:30, 4:29, 4:29, 4:27, 4:09, 4:23

Wed 22nd  - Me:Cross training - 40mins light gym bike + stretch and roller //Mr B - 20 - 30 minutes Conditioning Work at Home
Stats20 mins recumbent bike, 5 mins XC (it wasn't comfortable) , 10 mins back on bike, then stretches

Thurs 23rd - Me: Easy 5k loop // Mr B - 10 minutes Warm Up, 3 x 8 minutes Kenyan Hills with a 90 second recovery between sets, 10 minutes Cool Down
Legs felt ok after cross training yesterday, so nice to get outside. Mr B found the Kenyan hills comfortable.
Me- 4.2mi, 34:46, 8:09/mi
Mr B - 5.2miles, 43:55

Fri 24th - Me: Travel to Limassol // Mr B: 60 minutes Easy Run + Stretch
I was lucky enough to be invited out to Limassol, Cyprus by the organisers of the OPAP Limassol Marathon to see what the place is like and learn about the course and the way it is run. I went with Amy Hughes, Carl from Big Carl Running, Paul from Pick up the Pace Paul, Joe from UK RunChat and Leanne and Cathy from Run Mummy Run, so no running for me today but some walking around airports and then lots of great seafood.
Mr B - 7.5mi, 1:01:46, 8:08/mi, 164bpm. 

Sat 25th - Me: In Limassol - 1mile run + 20mins pilates on beach  // Mr B : Rest Day and Leadership in Running Fitness Course

Limassol Beach Pilates Cyprus

After a late night in Limassol  (dinner didn't finish until after midnight!) we all met up for some Pilates on the beach. I have to be careful about what exercises I do, as double leg things and planks are not advised due to increasing the chance of diastis recti (google it - it's you worst core-nightmare). That said, I could tell I hadn't done anything like this in ages as even the lunges left my legs burning!
Mr B sort of enjoyed the LIRF day. It was a bit too much like work I think but he's excited about getting to lead road runs. 

Sunday 26th - Me: 2x 5k + 20min swim // Mr B: 20 - 30 minutes Conditioning Work at Home

We went to recce the first 5k of the OPAP Limassol Marathon course. I ran with Carl from Big Carl Running and we had a lovely chat about life and running. It's super flat, along the seafront and the weather was top notch! Later when we got back to the hotel I still felt fine and was getting itchy feet so I went for another solo 5k along the front. Then we all chilled out in the afternoon and having been fuelled by chocolate milkshake I had another burst of energy and did 20mins in the pool. 

Chocolate Milkshake Four Seasons Hotel Cyprus

Me - 3.1mi, 44:22, 14:08/mi, 139bpm + 3.1mi, 25:58, 8:07/mi, 153bpm + 20min swim

Total Miles
Me: 20.7 (zzzzz, but finished feeling good)
Mr B: 21.6